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Why can't christians and athesists get along?

This isn't meant to be a blame game question, so please no "Its the athesists/christians fault", it just doesn't make sense to me. My best friend is wiccan, and I seem to be the only christian in this hemisphere who took the time to figure out she doesn't worshop satan. Many athesists i know think that all Christians are controlling, and just because it says "In God We Trust" on our money, they think all Christians support the War in Iraq, WWII, and every other war in American history, which, at least in my case, completly false. Aside from that, just reading these boards its like a Christian vs. Athesist warzone. Bashing left and right, both sides wrong about each others belifs, or lack thereof, what's so wrong with "you believe this, i believe that, lets talk about something else" because both sides are looking incredibly foolish, and somewhat childish.


Not to be mean, but a few of you are taking this as a blame question, when its not meant to act as that. So thats completly unecessary, ok? Thanks

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    You're generalizing atheists. I'm atheist, and I have MANY christian friends. Probably more so than atheist friends. My family is also christian, LIBERAL christians. There are conservatives and liberals in both christian and atheists. Also the christians who I know personally I do not find controlling at all. The only controlling christians I have come across are here on Y!A.

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    Last time I checked we didn't have 100 people die in the US today because a bunch atheists or Christians bombed each other. If you ask me, we are getting along pretty well. Debate and a little mudslinging just gets taken too seriously by some people.

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    I think the atheist on Yahoo are totally mean spirited. Really, stop and read the answers, like the one last night about the guy who wanted to know how to kill himself without using a weapon or poison. Did you read some of their answers, total lack of compassion. Did you read the Christians answers, all gave sound advice and compassion. Yeah, the guy may have been jerking our chains, but who knows. People often talk about it before they do it. If people can't give a civil answer then shut up.

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    The problem starts when in a relationship of an atheist and a christian, one of them starts attacking the other for his/her believes. Usually, christians start the controversy, at least in my case. They think they need to "save you" from hell and try to convert you. And pastors and priests encourage them to try to convince more and more people to join their stupid religion. They'll not take NO for an answer. It's annoying.

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    They can. I get along very well with a great many Christians.

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    Because neither side is big enough to admit that neither one has all of the answers and so they are unwilling to compromise. I can respect anyone who can respect me too, opinions are just that, not law.

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    its only the confused that dont get along with people. IF we are true believers then WE will accept all

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    They would if christians would stop trying to convert atheists.

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    lack of respect and meanness.

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    "you believe this, i believe that, lets talk about something else"

    So why are you asking...

    Source(s): Taurus is wondering if "Angel" (above) only assumes that all the good answers were Christians... I have answered similar questions in the past and would never give someone like that a bad answer.
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