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what manifold would i need to use?

i have a 97 acura integra rs and i am planning on turning it into a boosted Ls/vtec and i was wondering what turbo kit i would have to get or just the mannifold since it will have a gsr head on it? (in other words it will have a b18b1 block and internals and a b18c1 head)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well being that the head will be a b18c1 which is where your exhaust will come out of, you will need a b18c1 turbo mani... Honestly, it doesnt matter what turbo you use, as long as the flanges are correct... just look at what other people have used for the b18's... and if youre running stock internals, and i suppose stock valve train, which is highly unrecommended, then you will NOT run high boost, unless you like melted pistons or valve float... sure, some people say you can run forever with a good bit of boost on stock internals, but it only takes one person for that case not to be true, and then you will be spending just as much money on getting those internals built, as you would with all the new parts and machining necessary to rebuild from a melted piston or a cracked sleeve... turbo kits are not cheap, and dont go the easy way out... do homework and even if it takes you longer to save up for a better built acura, it will last longer, and you wont be stranded or laughed at after pushing your car a little too far... also, you do need to look at what your compression ratio will be when you combine this block and head, it might be a little higher than it would be if you bought JUST a b18b1 or b18c1...

    if i was you, i would buy some low compression pistons, eagle rods, and replace all the little stock components like bearings and seals.... then on the head get performance valve springs and retainers from some place like comp cams or crower... also, I would put performance camshafts in it cause you will definitely see a power increase with those, they hold the valves open longer allowing more power... (you prob already know that) for a relatively cheap amount of money... heck you could even get machining done for larger valves... and do a port and polish on it....

    oh yeah also you know with that turbo setup, you prob would like a better intake and throttle body which will help your turbo setup significantly... and you will need better spark with all that power you want, so an msd or accel ignition would be great... with larger wires.

    oh and then theres that clutch... which might be okay most clutches will withstand necessary punishment...

    and dont forget replacing those axles if you have too much hp....

    dont forget to chip that ecu for a turbo setup cause you will definitely want a tuned car or you will be throwing away youre engine after doing all this to it...

    and finally no a/c probably... well really you wont have much room for one after all of that monsterous turbo workings..

    if you pay less than 1500 for the kit, unless you get a cheap greddy, you will be wanting to shoot yourself... do NOT get them off ebay unless they legitimately have good turbos... if they have feedback of over 10000, be leery. ssautochrome and all those have faulty manifolds and turbos that leak, break or something that will be horrible for you in the long run...

    i will shut up now... just realize all that will be done before you do it. homework homework homework... youll be glad you did.

    oh and i read the guy above me after i got done writing this... you will definitely need those big injectors, fuel rail, and pump thanks for the reminder

    and one final thing, anyone who thumbs down this is a ricer who thinks its cool to buy a 600 dollar turbo kit of ebay. hah.

  • 1 decade ago

    now that is a BIG question...

    it depends on you and what you want. i will give you a basis run down but you should search the net and read everything you can before taking this on.

    you have a 4 cyl car so you have 4 exhaust ports. there are three different exhaust manifolds made for installing a turbo on your car, tubular, cast, and steel, each utilizing a different combination of these exhaust ports, each having advantages and disadvantages.

    you will have to remove power steering, air compressor, or both. also, you will need a slim line fan. i have not seen a "bolt on" kit that has not needed some modification to work. you do not want more than 8lbs of boost on a stock 18b but this will be more than enough for you to feel the difference. one of the manifolds requires the block to be shaved in order for the turbo to clear it (i forgot which one) this means you will have to pull the engine. also be prepared to spend some money..about three grand for a good kit. dont buy a cheap turbo. if it shuts down on you so does your car. and to get it running again, you have to rebuild, replace, or remove the turbo kit. dont forget injectors..more air more fuel needed. these should come with a good kit as well as the new fuel pump. computer has to be programmed for change, but that is the easy part.

    i say do a search and read everything you find before you buy anything. the block you have is the same on the outside as a gsr. the head is what need the turbo manifold for a gsr.

  • 5 years ago

    Dodge man has the best answer. Your fuel is probably to rich, and continues to burn during exhaust. Get it fixed as soon as you can. If it is a timing issue, and if you were a guy, I'd say do it yourself, it really isn't all that bad of a job, there is just a lot to move to get at it. Timing belts, even those made out of metal chain, do stretch. Final answer, listen to Dodge Man, get the vehicle to a shop. Be sure to ask for the replaced parts, and take a guy with you that knows something about vehicle repair. Many mechanics might try something unfair to you. If there is a technical school or college nearby, and they will do the work for you, go there. These are students who need the practice, but are also under the supervision of trained mechanics. All it should cost you is the needed parts.

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