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I painted my son's dresser with water-based paint, but it is still tacky after 4 days. Suggestions?

Also used two coats of water-based primer before painting, and put on two coats of paint (not oil-based). Help!

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    That's actually common with waterbased paints. My husband is a cabinetmaker and whenever he sprays a kitchen with water based paint, he always paints a water-based polyurethane over it, or a polycrylic.

    You can buy it at most any hardware store in spray cans or quarts and gallons. You CANNOT put anything other than water based over water based becasue it needs to breathe whereas you can put waterbased over oil or laquerbased paints.

    Make sure to read the label, use a good brush and don't over-brush. You only need a light coat, but make sure you still cover well because when you miss a spot, you'll have to paint the whole side over as it is hard to blend the coats. It is possible, but I've been doing it for years so it's much easier for me than it woud be for you. I'm just telling you how to do it to make it look nice.

    As an added note, the poly goes on white or opague but dries clear and comes in satin or semi-gloss, or gloss finishes.

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    What type of dresser did it start out as?

    You might end up having to just sand all the paint off and only so one or two coats of paint. I'd let it dry a few more days though before I went and did that.

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    If the original finish was oil based that is very likely your problem. You can not put latex over an oil base. You will have to strip off the latex and use a blocker, (a primer made especially for prepping oil based painted surfaces for latex) over the original finish then apply latex. You can get blocker at Sherwin Williams and Glidden stores

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    If you take the dresser and put it in a shop or garage that is warmer than 50 degrees F, with a floor fan blowing on it, it should dry with no problems. Try to have it in as a dust free room as possible to ensure a smooth finish.

    Good Luck. I have had to use this solution before. It worked for me.

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    Was the original coating on it oil base? if so that is one problem.

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    was the dresser naturally finished originally & did you wait untill the primer was compleatly cured befor painting it.

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    When painting, I usually keep aluminum foil nearby to wrap tools in for storage overnight. There is no need to refrigerate and the foil will keep the brushes from drying for couple of days.

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    did u sand the wood first.........

    lic. gen. contractor

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