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Do japanese use spaces in-between words in a sentence?

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  • Yuka
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    1 decade ago
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    Don't listen to the people above. Words in Japanese are NOT separated by spaces. Here is an example sentence:

    私の名前はゆかです。 This means "My name is Yuka." It is good Japanese, and there are no spaces between the words.

    You will never see it written:

    私 の 名前 は ゆか です。 Doesn't that look strange? It does to Japanese people!

    It may seem confusing at first, but once you build your vocabulary, you won't feel that the spaces are necessary.

    If a Japanese person wants to emphasize a word, they may write it in katakana, but they still don't separate it with a space.

    The Japanese do not use spaces between words!!

    Source(s): I know Japanese!
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    Okay... um.. sometimes, but all the while that Ive seen and used japanese I've never had anyone write me in Japanese a complete sentence with spacing for each word.

    Though I myself have had a habit of putting spaces after each word I dont know if it bothers the person if you do that but for me it makes it easier to read.

    Though if you are using a Japanese Word Processor and you use space the space is gonna be huge almost like if you hit the Tab key on you computer.

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    No, you should not use spaces when you write in Japanese, whether you are writing vertically or horizontally.

    Because the Japanese write with a combination of three "alphabets", where words end and others begin is often (but not always) obvious. Many words are written with kanji, the Chinese letters, and then are followed by a combination of hiragana and katakana.


    That sentence has 4 words, no spaces!

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    Yuka is right. However, they do make spaces when it is written vertically and from right to left when it comes to what we call a paragraph. Therefore, probably paragraph breaks when they use the western format for composition.

    At times they can capture a sense of a moment with only one or two words whereas in English, we would need three or four sentences for appropriate comprehension.

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    Well, I actually live in Japan and I can tell you that Japanese books and magazines use spaces, even between words. Newspapers don't usually use them. But like others have said, they don't have to.

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    Nope. The Japanese language does not use spacing.

  • 4 years ago

    ok... um.. in some situations, yet all the whilst that Ive considered and used jap i've got in no way had all and sundry write me in jap an entire sentence with spacing for each word. nonetheless i myself have had a habit of putting areas after each and every word I dont be attentive to if it bothers the guy in case you do this yet for me it makes it greater handy to envision. nonetheless in case you're employing a jap word Processor and you utilize area the area is gonna be huge in simple terms approximately like in case you hit the Tab key on you laptop.

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    Yes but it might not be btw two words, but they do leave spaces which makes sense in their own way!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes. i took japanese for 3 years

    you can or cant its up to you

    its acceptable but i think more american sytle

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    Yes they do. They can either write going top to botton going right to left on the page or they can write like us here in America from left to write going across.

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