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what is a tampon that is actually COMFORTABLE!?!?!?!?

ok...tried pearl...wasnt exactly loving it...i want something that is easy to insert and lets you bend down or kneal or not cringe when youre about to sit because you know your tampon is going to cause you pain or jolt up your uterus or something like that...WHAT DO YOU USE AND ARE YOU SATISFIED!!?? please lemme know...

thankssss :]

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  • Sarah
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    i like tampax pearls.. but i've also used playtex gentle glide and they're okay too. i did notice a difference between the two.. so if you aren't happy with the pearl you may want to try the playtex ones

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    If you can feel a tampon at all then you have not inserted it correctly. Use the smallest you can and push well towards the small of your back. If you cant sit down comfortably then it just isnt in properly.

    Btw, you do know that a tampon will never enter your uterus dont you?

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    I use Playtex gentle glide. I have tried Tampax and all that other crap and they don't compare to Playtex. Playtex is by far the most comfortable to insert and I don't even know I have one in there half the time! Try it out! You just *might* be satisfied! haha...good luck! :)

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    I use tampaz allways. If a tampon is itserted correctly, once it is in and if it's not time to take it out, you should not feel anything. Very important to use the right size and absorbancy. I have used many other brands and have had the same results.

    Source(s): read the tampax paper inserts one in every box to know the right size for you.
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    tampax compak are very comfortable... other than that, i'd suggest ones with plastic applicators (although you say pearl wasn't satisfactory)... playtex gentle glide work nicely too...

    and tampons shouldn't hurt at all if they are inserted correctly (pushed in all the way), so that may be your problem...

    good luck!

    Source(s): personal experience
  • Nikkib
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    your not inserting it shouldnt hurt after you put it in..are you sitting down when inserting? if so, try standing with one leg up and use the hand opposite of what you write works for me..dont know why it made a difference with using my left hand to insert..if your standing, then sit, get very comfortable and dont tense up..i use to have a horrible experience with them too, but when i actually read the pamphlet, it worked well..good luck..

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    i use ob tampons they are the smallest tampons out there i wont use anything else no pad no tampax nothing but ob they are very small comfortable to use and very easy to insert and remove.

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    i use kotex super skinny cause i am a teen and i love them. Did your tampon hurt because it was your first time or like 2nd or 3rd. Was the tampon you size?? well i use super small

    good luck

    Source(s): my period
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    Not a tampon, but try the diva cup ( It seems a little weird at first, but now, I wouldn't use anything else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Playtex gentle glide. They are so comfortable, seriously you can't even feel them which I didn't believe before I tried them.

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