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what's the concept of musicals?

musicals like cats and south pacific. I expected to see a drama or play, but really it's like a string of songs linked together with a little bit of drama or dialogue.

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    That everything in life will turn out fine if you can sing and dance your way through it.

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    A musical is just what it's title would suggest. It is a production that uses songs (dialog is optional) to tell a story. Sometimes, it may appear a bit confusing why a character would suddenly break into a song or dance. I remember someone telling me that real gang members would never be found dancing in the streets as they do in "West Side Story". The songs or dances these characters deliver are a way for them to either express emotions or forward the story line.

    Music was first added to productions as early as the 5th Century B.C. with the Greeks. It's been part of theatre history since.

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    That's pretty much it. Depending on the show, the plot may or may not be just a flimsy excuse to burst into song. Lots of the "classic" musicals are this way.

    In some musicals the songs are an integral part of the story. It has been suggested that the musical is the great American contribution to theatre, but it really grew out of the European operetta tradition.

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    That everyone can randomly just break into song in the middle of a busy street, then go back to normal...I wish real life was like that!

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  • To tell a story through song.....You've just gotta be open minded and willing to let the songs string together a story for you. Just like a rock song or any song.....(rap, rock,technoe...) they have stories too.......just like musicals!........

    I AM A THEATRE NERD!!!! I like that stuff....but musicals aren't for everyone!.....

    hope that helped....

    Source(s): me and my love for musicals! lol
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