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With all the controversy about the validity of the translations of the ancient Greek and Hebrew terms in the?

Bible, how do you know that Jesus wasn't really talking about the genitals instead of the Gentiles?

That would explain a whole lot of things, like why all the Christians are so uptight about someone saying things like "Jesus gets an occasional Woody", for instance.

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  • Druid
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    >There's a controversy????? Damn, I hate to miss a good controversy. Then I read a little further and discovered this was another christian thing. Mythology isn't controversial.<

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't get uptight. Doesn't bother me one bit. A few days ago you stated that since Adam and eve weren't the only people on earth and so we didn't all decend directly from them, then what you called the "spiritual original sin" couldn't be blamed on you, so you don't need salvation and Jesus didn't need to die for anything" Remember that?? Well, I accidently deleted my answer, but this question is even better.

    Hey, "original sin" as you call it never originated in the Garden of Eden. The first flesh murder happened there, but the act of sin in general did not. Scripture state that there are three earth ages; one that was, one that is, and one that is to come.

    When satan rebelled, when trying to steal the throne reserved for the Christ, thousands of our people followed him (the Bible says one-third). Sin to the max, friend. This earth age was brought in and the earth refurbished for flesh life when you read of Adam and Eve. That event was the beginning of only this earth age -

    this earth as the Bible declares is billions of years old. eons old.

    Anyway, God is fair, and because he is fair, this age is for all of us to make a final choice as to whether they will serve God or satan. Your choice. Your ship - you sail it. Don't think for a moment that you can write something to freak me out, or offend me in any way - All we can do is tell you the truth, and if you don't want to listen, then we christians are not accountable for your doom. In the Bible it tells of a very rich man and a very poor man who died at the same time. The poor man used to beg for food crumbs from the rich man, who just ignored him. When they died, the rich man was on the other side of a large gulph, and could not cross it to get to Christ for salvation. But, the rich man could see clearly across it, and saw the poor man being held and comforted by Abraham himself. The rich man yelled out, "Please, Lord, just send an angel to tell my family to start doing whats right, if you tell them my situation, i am sure they will listen to you". But the reply was "if you wouldn't listen even to the prophets whom we sent to you, then your kinfolk won't listen either, no we will send no one".

    You would do well to listen to that little tidbit of wisdom.

    Source(s): The Companion Bible
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