what book should i read?

I really want to read something good but i cant seem to decide. Anyone got a suggestion? I like history books about Lincoln, or Wars.....or any fiction or nonfiction book.The only kind i dont read are science fiction and romance....Any Suggestion would be great since i just spent 4 hours in Borders and came home with nothing : ) I almost got Crime and Punishment...is it good?


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    If you like History in general then i have two suggestions.

    Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel" this is a terrific work on the evolution of civilization. more so it is a work that tries to explain why some societies developed into world powers and others failed to do so.

    Laura Lee's "Blame it on the Rain" This is a fascinating work that examines how weather has played a crucial role in shaping history.

    Both of these are very well written and fun to read, either one is a must have for any History Buff.

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    You're missing a MAJOR bet when you don't read Science Fiction because the good stuff, (and it's NOT ALL GOOD!) but, the good stuff is the only literature that still retains a sense of wonder. Spurs your curiosity to new heights and makes you want to know more about the world!

    Science fiction is why we walked on the moon, created the cell phone and most modern medical devices such as CAT scans, MRI's etc...It's what spurred us to learn about DNA and cloning, radar, radio, airplanes, etc... don't you think even cars were science fictional at one time? Do you have a car?

    Without the inspiration gained from science fiction your life span would probably be about 40 years. It's longer because people believed in the fiction that science could lengthen life and improve it's quality.

    Do you work back-breaking labor in the field from dawn to dusk? No? It's because of the fictional idea that science could make it so we didn't have to in order to eat.

    Electric lights? Science fiction again! Light when the sun doesn't shine! Ridiculous!

    Try a few... I suggest "Enders Game," by Orson Scott Card.

    Or, "Stranger in a Strange Land," by Robert Heinlein.

    Or, "The Foundation ..." books by Issac Asimov, (the first three.

    "Ringworld," by Larry Niven.

    "The Mote in Gods Eye," again by Larry Niven.

    Many s.f. books are not the stupid S.F. horror stories like they put on tv and the movies all the time. Want a couple REALLY AWESOME, STUNNING stories? They're a little hard to find but try, "Flowers for Algernon," by Daniel Keyes or "The Cold Equation." I forget who wrote it but those two will stun you. Or originally "Enders Game," was written as a short story and later expanded to a novel because of demand!

    Don't skip a catagory because of the bad examples of it. Think of your favorite style of literature - aren't there some examples that you certainly would NOT read?

    Give yourself a sense of wonder about life again.

    Try the good stuff.

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    My sister said Crime and Punishment was the worst book ever! I would get a book like 1776, which I am currently reading. You could also try reading a classic. You could also try Flags of Our Fathers. Both books are great historical nonfiction books that are about wars, if you are interested in that. Hope this helps!

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    a number of those are from lady perspectives, some may well be a sprint "girly lady" to your liking yet others would desire to be ok. i've got left the two sort on and you'd be able to come to a determination. Meryll of the Stone (Brian Caswell) Picnic at striking Rock (Joan Lindsay) Stranger with my face (Lois Duncan) enjoying Beattie Bow (Ruth Parks) My Sister Sif (Ruth Parks) Hitch hikers handbook to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) Holes (Louis Sachar) Lord of the jewellery / The Hobbit Eragorn trilogy Narnia The Golden Compass Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) Requiem for a Princess (Ruth M Arthur) searching for Alibrandi (Melina Marchetta) Angels Gate (Gary group) Sisterhood of the travelling Pants Pelican's Creek (Maureen Pople) The Diary of Anne Frank To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) The Shiralee (Dárcy Niland) Into the Wild (John Krakauer) Chocolat (Joanne Harris) Harp interior the South; poor guy's Orange; Missus (Trilogy via Ruth Parks) the place the middle is (Billie Letts) My place (Sally Morgan) Little women folk (Louisa would Alcott) Rebecca (Daphne De Maurier) the three Muskateers (Alexandre Dumas) something via the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen despite you do don’t run The December Boys (Robert Noonan)

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    Crime and Punishment is very good! It's also a "classic", although some misinformed person doesn't think it is. It is, however, an old book and you might need a few chapters to get into the swing of things with the wording, but don't give up!

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    Crime and Punishment is a terrific choice, Barnes and Nobles has it in paperback, so it is very reasonably priced. I like historical books too, there are many great books about the Russian Revolution, especially about the Zsar of Russia Nikolas.

    Napoleon is a great read too. Have you read Walden by Thoreau, it is very good. You need to see if you can't get the books in your library, they do special order books. War and Peace is a great book too.

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    The Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini is an excellent series, which I highly recommend. Another series, although not as famous but just as good if not better, is Myth Adventures by Robert Lynn Asprin. Great books.

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    A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett!

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    The Time-Master trilogy By Louise Cooper.(review from Amazon)The books are 'The Initiate',The Outcast and The Master.It tells the story of Tarod a fascinating anti-hero, evolving throughout the series from a loyal disciple of Order to the God of Chaos that is his true heritage, with the repeated examination of his humanity thrown into the mix.

    The door to december by Dean Koontz.A psychiatrist's daughter was kidnapped by her ex-husband years ago. When the daughter is finally found, the real fight begins. One by one the people who held her captive become mysteriously tortured and killed. Everyone is afraid the young girl will be next.

    The mystery unravels as to what happened to the young girl while she was kidnapped. The young girl, Melanie, is unable to speak, but her mother soon learns that the young girl went through extreme torture as her father used her for a rat in his experiments.

    The Vivero letter by Desmond Bagley.Jeremy Wheale's well-ordered life is torn apart when his brother is murdered by a mob hit man, whose bait was a family heirloom - a sixteenth-century gold tray. The trail takes Wheale from Devon to Mexico and the wild tropical rain forests of Yucatan. In dense jungle, he helps two archaeologists locate the rest of a fabled hoard of gold - treasure from Uaxuanoc, the centuries-old lost city of the Mayas. But his brother's enemies are on Wheale's trail, and with them are the Chicleros, a vicious band of convict mercenaries.

    Landslide by Desmond Bagley.Bob Boyd wakes up in a hospital with no memory,the only surviver of an accident.He was burned badly all over and needed extensive plastic surgery which was payed by a mysterious sponser.He is told that he's a geology student with a bad history.However Bob recovers and gets on with his life.Hired by the powerful Matterson Corporation to survey land before they build a great new dam, he begins to uncover the shaky foundations of the Matterson family and becomes a fly in their ointment.His accident and the Matterson family have more in common than he thought.

    Dresden file book series by Jim Butcher.There are 8 books in the series beginning with stormfront.It narrates the story of Harry Dresden,chicago's only professional wizard who works as a detective.He stands between the general population who is ignorant about the supernatural world and the monsters - vampires,werewolves,fallen angels,fey.He is aided by Bob,a talking skull.Karrin Murphy-a police officer and Thomas-a white court vampire.

    Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini.When his best friend, a young clergyman, is killed in a mockery of a duel by an arrogant noble, just to quiet his eloquent expressions of democratic ideals, Andre-Louis Moreau vows revenge. From that point, through meteoric careers as a consummate actor and scenario writer, then as a fencing master, and finally a politician, the brilliant Moreau keeps thwarting the aims of the aristocratic Marquis de la Tour d'Azyr. However, the nobleman causes pain to Moreau as well, and the time must come when the two will meet to settle their enmity once and for all. You are not likely to guess how their confrontation finally turns out. Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, this swashbuckling novel is exciting throughout, and it presents one of the most dashing heroes in fiction, a man who can fight equally well with his mind, his mouth, his pen, and his sword, a man who stirs up events wherever he goes.

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    I highly recommend the Harry Potter Series by Jk rowling if you haven't read them.

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