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They took my xbox and pc out of my room :(?

Hey everyone, thanks for checking this out. My parents took my PC out of my room 2 years ago, and my xbox 360 out 6 months ago. I really want them back in my room, because its super conveinent, and im going to start saving up for new computer parts to put together, so ill have a nice computer. They just dont think I can handle the responsibility of having a computer in my room and also doing my homework before computer. They also put my xbox 360 in the living room which sucks, because my dad always wants to watch tv and I have to use wireless internet which is super slow. I HAVE to get this back in my room, im a freshmen in high school, so its not like im 11, in middle school. You guys have to help me get this back! PLease, thanks


The last time I had it in my room, I was getting a-c grades, which was about 2 years ago. I was just spending too much time on it, and I would go on it at night time till about 12 then go to sleep. Its just so ridiculous when I see these kids that are on the computer literarly all day, and they still keep at least a 3.0 gpa, and their parents dont bother them, or give them time limits. My mom says she never sees me when the xbox is in my room. But we have a nice dinner together and we talk a bit every day, so idk what shes talking about.

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    1 decade ago
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    Sounds like they are very concerned about your schoolwork and grades. Parents don't like doing things like this and want their kid to be a genius and know how to balance homework and playtime. Have you looked around?? Not many geniuses out there that can do this. Your parents did this to "help" you get this balance. Doesn't feel like help, I know. How about this... what if you draw up a contract with your parents to get your stuff back. Parents pride themselves in being "fair" so this is a good approach. Clearly list what you have to accomplish (for example: 2 hours of homework per night or maintain a "B" in math/english for the next 6 weeks.) Your list should have several items with a space at the bottom for you and your parents to sign and date. Make them an extra copy so you both can check off if you are accomplishing these tasks.

    I know you can do it because xbox is so cool...good luck!

    Source(s): 44 year old childless woman so I hear about all the kids' stuff from my friends...
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  • 1 decade ago

    You don't tell me anything about whether you really were playing too much and not doing your homework, etc. My son will NEVER have a tv in his own room, and if he ever wants to play video games (Xbox, etc), he'll have to go to a friend's house. Yeah, he's only two now, but I see what these gaming kids look like and act like, and I never want my son to be like that.

    All that aside, tell your parents they can lock up your pc games, so you have to finish your homework before you can play, and have them put a parental control on your internet access so they won't have to worry about you gaming online instead of working on history papers. Ask your dad to allow you a couple of hours every week-- prescheduled-- so that you can play your Xbox games without his "help". This is a trust issue, not a control issue. Your parents just want to make sure you don't waste your time. So give them tools to "help you" manage your time. If you make them feel that they have some control, they will trust you a lot more. And if you don't dissapiont their new-forming trust in you, they will become more and more lenient.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Be more responsible and go talk to your mom/dad and let them know if you can have your items back in your room this is what i would do.Let them know that i'll be on it an hour a day on each or whatever you like but think about what you will tell your mom first.She will liston if it's responsible to her also.She was in your shoes once,she's not going to be mean for nothing

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  • 1 decade ago

    prove to them that your responsible with good grades, cleaning up, volunteering to do chores, and other forms of kissing up

    Source(s): my extreme wisdom =]
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  • 1 decade ago

    Your parents did the right thing.

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