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is spina bifida dominant or recessive,and where is it located, what chromosome ?

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    1 decade ago
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    There is no single known gene that causes spina bifida; it may not even be genetic at all. The causes of spina bifida are not known, but it's likely that most cases a combination of environmental factors during pregnancy and a genetic predisposition to the disorder. One known epigenetic factor in spinal bifida is a lack of folic acid during gestation, but spina bifida can sometimes occur in children whose mother's did have enough folic acid during pregnancy. There are also certain chemicals that are thought to contribute to or cause spina bifida if the fetus is exposed to them during a certain stage of development. There may also be genetic factors, although it's unlikely that there is a single mutant gene that causes it.

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    I can't explain it but hopefully you will understand it.

    The most benign type of cranium bifidum occultum is the persistent parietal foramina or persistent wide fontanelle. The parietal foramina can be transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait via a gene located on the short arm of chromosome 11.

    Meckel-Gruber syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by an occipital encephalocele that is associated with holoprosencephaly, orofacial clefts, microphthalmia, polycystic kidneys, and cardiac anomalies. This condition is autosomal recessive and has been mapped to chromosome bands 17q21-q24.

    There are different types of spina bifida which can effects people differently.

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