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In the game of Scrabble, what is the highest possible score you can get by only placing one letter?

It can be anywhere on the board, and it can join words together.

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    1 decade ago
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    I watched a person get about 66 points by putting one tile on the triple word score in the center of the bottom row, completing a word down and adding before the word extending to the right, which was supposed to be safe because none of the obvious letters would go at the start. One of the words had an x and the other a j but I don't recall what they were. Theoretically, you could go higher than that if just the right words were in the bottom row (or top row) so a single letter would join them and also complete the word coming down.

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    This is not nearly the highest possible, but a cute example...

    OOLOGY is the study of birds' eggs.

    OOLOGICAL is the adjectival form.

    LOGICAL could be played in two spots so that OO could be added to the front of each, almost meeting.

    _ O O L O G I C A L










    Like that. Then plunk down a 10 pt Z, and that would be a 126 point play (if my math is right), forming ZOOLOGICAL both ways, and if the Z goes on the Triple Word Score on the top left corner of the board.

    That's very contrived, but is possible. There are more monstrous plays using S...


    - - - - - - - A

    - - - - - - - Z

    - - - - - - - U

    - - - - - - - L

    - - - - - - - E

    - - - - - - - J

    - - - - - - - O


    If the * is a Triple Word, sticking an S there is 147 pts.

    Azulejo is a type of glazed tile, by the way, and quixote is, well, a guy that acts crazy like Don Quixote.

    That diagram probably won't line up properly, but you get the idea (and of course there'd be other words on the board, the two words wouldn't just be floating alone out there like that!).

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    I am not that sure but it probably would be really high considering that there are letters worth up to 10 ponts, bonuses, and it can join words together. I am thinking that it would be around 120 points. Sounds like alot for just like one letter

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    I asked this in the Scrabulous lobby ( ) and everyone said there can be hundreds of for example an 'S' placed on a triple word score that completes to other large words like BEZIQUE and CONQUEST. It will fetch amazing points!

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    dictionary around 260 points

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