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confused about guy friend issue?

i need major help! my best guy friend and i dont have any classes together, so i barely see him at school, but we talk alot on the phone and via Aim and myspace (i know, lame) anyways lately hes been sharing his relationship problems with me so he can get my advice and because he knows i wont tell anybody. like a few weeks ago he was saying how he made out with this girl he doesnt like and she got all butt hurt and stuff. and last night he told me how now he kinda has a crush on that girl's best friend. so i wanna be a good friend and give him the best advice, but im kinda selfish too because even if we dont go out, i dont want him going out with other girls. i dont know why, im a horrible person. and he is one of the only guys i feel like i can really talk to, i dont even talk to my friends on the phone for as long as we do. so what do i do? do i just ignore my feelings or lie or what??? ahhhhhhh HELP!!!

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    I know its hard decision, because you do not want to mess up your relationship with this guy, but honestly your feelings may keep growing, and you will feel stronger about the people he may go out with, and it may end up in a bad way (your friendship with him) and the friend might end. You need to tell him how you feel, and talk it through honestly with him, and see what happens. Think about it, express your feelings fully, dont leave anything out. Maybe he feels the same and wont tell you for whatever reason (maybe not to mess up what ya have too), maybe he just see you as his friend. Either way you will feel better that you told him, and you will get your respond and see what to do from there.

  • 1 decade ago

    He obviosly can trust you so tell him the best advice you can.

    Also think you guys are really tight right?

    So lets say you went out ....

    First off it prob. wont be the same as being best friends..idk y it jus is different.

    And second if you break up then you lost one of your best mates.

    So help him out...and if the time is right then you will go out.

    And so what if he goes out with someone'll Alwyas be his best mate.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sounds like more than a friendship on your end find out whats on his end .

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