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where can i find a horse at a reasonable price?

young, any color, male or female

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    Why not try a PMU foal or the Humane Society or wild horse adoption?

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    It depends on what you want the horse for, and your level of experience with horses. There are lots of horses going for prices that are very reasonable-- sometimes even for free-- but as with most things, you generally get what you pay for, and free can be the worst bargain you ever had.

    If you want a horse that performs in a specific discipline for show (e.g., hunter/jumper, Western pleasure, gaited, etc.), your best shot at finding a horse will be to seek among trainers who school horses and riders for that discipline. Trainers usually know when a horse is up for sale-- someone in the stable seeking an upgrade, someone who is getting out of show riding, someone who is leaving the area and not taking their horse with them. You'll usually have a good chance to see the horse and try it out, maybe even take it to your stable for a week or two to try it out if you have a trainer that the selling trainer knows and trusts.

    The downside of this is you probably won't get the horse for a "fire sale" price unless the seller has to sell the horse quickly. The other downside is that the trainer who represents the seller will probably charge a commission on the sale, which will add to the price.

    You can also buy a horse at an auction sale. This is one place where you will probably get a rock-bottom price, but the problem is that you won't have much time to evaluate the horse and know what you are getting. You really need to be careful, because at an auction sale you may be buying someone else's problem. Unless you are an expert, or have an expert who can assist you, buying at auction is probably not something you want to chance.

    You can look at your local feed store bulletin board for "horse for sale" ads. You will get a chance to know about the horse and the circumstances that force the sale, and you may have the opportunity to find a bargain in this way. But you need to be very careful, because sadly not everyone who is in the horse business is honest. You need to steel yourself to resist people trying to hustle you into a quick sale.

    Good luck to you.

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    if you are looking for a thoroughbred....try the TRF(thoroughbred retirement foundation)...its all off-the-track racehorses for very reasonable prices....heres the link. you click on this you can put in information and it will bring up horses in that catagory...good luck!!

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    I know of a lady selling hers for a VERY resonable price. Are you anywhere in TX? E-mail me back if you can! :)

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