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what's so great about AFC, broncos can't even get past the fortyniners. its in overtime now.?


AFC is overated, NFC is just as good as afc.

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    before you say that i'd like you to take a long hard look at your nfc teams and the teams they've lost orleans has lost 6 games, half of them to afc teams bengals, steelers,ravens, only team in the afc the beat was the browns. the bears have lost 2 games, both to afc teams, miami and new england..........these are thought to be the dominant nfc teams and they can't even beat mediocre afc teams, the afc is sending one team with a 9-7 record to the playoffs the nfc is sending two, and one with and 8-8 record. watch the games, look at the schedules, and don't judge everything based on a team with a rookie qb and no offense.

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    The AFC has the most toughest teams. The top 4 seeds are real good. In the NFC, you have Chicago, New Orleans & maybe Philadelphia. That's about it.

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    You are going by ONE team against ONE team. What about the Steelers who finished the year at 8-8 yet beat New Orleans, the Panthers, Tampa Bay and crushed the last two? Heck their loss to the Falcons was after Ben got hurt and was in OT. Stop trying to judge it by just ONE team. Oh and you don't see 8-8 teams winning their division in the AFC. Because teams dominate.

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    broncos rule! My state and city baby! It's not THEIR fault, the other team cheats em. Always. Bad luck too. U shoulda seen some. They got lucky too tho. It's about luck. Can't get past? I dunno about the other team, so what? It's not OVER yet so u can't say that until it's done. And even then u can't.

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    The Broncos would be a top seeded team in the NFL. Check your stats. The AFL has been stomping on the NFL for years now.

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