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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

How can you get a smartass to shut up?

like a friend of mine is a smart ***. she never listens nor pretends to listen to my opinions about things. And even when i tell her a fact, she still thinks her opinions [which are normally wrong] are the true facts. It really gets on my nerves cuz she never listens to me, and she never accepts the fact that im sometimes right about things. I wanna know how i can get her to listen for once, and stop acting like such a smartass. [im not the only one who thinks of her as a smartass, i know other people who think the same, so i decided to come to you for your help]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its pointless, you would be preaching to the choir. She is aware when you are right and she is wrong, however, there is no point on beating a dead horse or telling her "I told you so!" All that happens when you do that is that she will just become more insistent that she is right... its her defense mechanism to try to save face for her foolishness. Be satisfied that YOU know when you are right, it is not important that others know whe you are right. It will occur to them in tme as they see events unfold. No one likes someone who is always saying "I told you so!" and your insistence on being right and being listened to is probably as annoying as her insistence on seeing things her way. In other words, you wind up looking like a know-it-all battling a smart-alec. No one wins and you both look immature in the argument.

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