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Do my smart fellow Conservative Brothers/Sisters know Why Paul Wolforwitz was man of the year in Israel?

By Joel Leyden --Israel News Agency

"...Jerusalem----April 2.....The American Jewish Congress today congratulated Paul Wolfowitz on his election as the president of the World Bank. “I know that under your leadership,

In Israel, The Jerusalem Post had selected Paul Wolfowitz as its Man of the Year for 2002. The Post stated: "On September 15, 2001, at a meeting in Camp David, Wolfowitz advised President George W. Bush to skip Kabul and train American guns on Baghdad. In March 2003, he got his wish. In the process, Wolfowitz became the most influential US deputy defense secretary ever - can you so much as name anyone else who held the post?"

"When President Bush says, "America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons" -- that's Wolfowitz talking. When the president calls for "a new Arab charter that champions internal reform, greater political participation, economic openness and free trade" -- that's Wolfowitz'


"...But perhaps the greatest measure of Wolfowitz's influence is that Colin Powell now waxes rhapsodic about an Iraq "on the road to democratic self-government." This from the man who, after the first Gulf War, mocked: "Where's Iraq's Thomas Jefferson?" To our ears, the sudden stress on Mideast democratization is "transformative," to use the Pentagon jargon. Israel has long waited for an administration that understands that the principal problem in the Middle East is not the unsettled status of our borders. It is the unsettling nature of Arab regimes -- and of the bellicosity, fanaticism, and resentments to which they give rise. Israel has also long waited for an administration that understands that the regimes that threaten Tel Aviv ..."

Yeah, I bet you people did know

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    He delivered goods as promised to the Israelis!

    He used America for the benefit of Israel. America suffered but that did NOT matter.

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    Yet another person who can't really read and understand what they are reading.

    Point #1- The award was done by "The Jerusalem Post". That's a newspaper in Israel, not Israel itself.

    Point #2 - This was done back in 2002. We just entered 2007. Why are you harping on something pretending that it was recent? The recent event was his being elected to the World Bank.

    Point #3 - The Jerusalem Post is a centre-right newspaper (and even more so 4 years ago).

    So, let us see? You have a single newspaper in Israel, that leans to the right, awarding its Man of the Year accolade to a conservative man who is Jewish and pro Israel and who serves in the Bush Administation.

    And that was 4 years ago.

    Now, you have a Jewish organization (that is not right leaning but is pro Israel) congraulating the Jewish man for achieving his new position with the World Bank.

    So, my question is, what the ____ is your point?

    Source(s): I just read what you quoted
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    i am going to easily bypass with this demanding understanding of the ameliorations and merely say this. In my thoughts a Conservative looks at a guy and sees potential yet can really see that it truly is self-made and is incapable of admitting or a minimum of acknowledging that he had help from all of us in society to get there. A liberal looks at a guy and also sees potential and feels its perfect for society to foster that potential so society can receive the rewards of that potential. They then in turn, locate it abominable even as that human being would not supply credit for his help alongside the way. they don't look to be as some distance aside because it style of feels, its a sport performed by the powers that be. there is not a soul in this earth who looks at a guy and sees a sufferer every time nor potential every time. A conservative does not help him locate a job, do you try to assist strangers locate jobs? No. And neither do liberals. What a conservative feels, or a minimum of politically, is in case you create jobs (which calls for incenting the rich to finish that) by tax cuts, you're helpin a jobless human being. Liberals experience if the governmentgives them a protection-internet of sorts, he wont desire help searching a job, he receives one. yet he might want to desire help contained in the recommend time. merely my .02 and as you'll discover, i'm neither a liberal or a conservative. I dont desire a label to or a set to make me experience extra take care of about my beliefs.

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    Usually when theres smoke, theres fire, and its probably with just cause a large portion of the world has opposed the Jews for centuries. But lucky for them most people in the world are no brighter than a flock of sheep ready to be swayed by whatever images come across that miracle of the television set and most of the mass media is controlled by Jews

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    2 points. You are no conservative, sir.

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    They like lizards??

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    another anti semitic liberal

    go figure

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