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Is there a way to "Capture" the streaming music on Rhapsody?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If the Rhapsody music is NOT Windows Media Audio, then no.

    If the Rhapsody music is Windows Media Audio, then yes, follow the guide below.

    Get the program HiDownload (

    Install it, run it.

    The link you feed it is the streaming link for the music.

    In most cases, you can find the streaming link in your Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder. Just open Internet Explorer, click Tools, click Internet Options. Click Settings under browsing history. Click View Files. You should now be in your TIF folder.

    To make things easier, you might want to delete all the files in the TIF folder (using the internet options window, clicking the Delete button) before you start streaming the music. Thus, when you start streaming you will only see the things you want to see, which probably are links with a Windows Media icon. Just right click the file, click properties, and copy the link.

    Paste THAT link into HiDownload and start the download. The file should download.

    If the music has DRM, then this downloaded song will have DRM as well...just to let you know.

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