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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

The "IMPORTED" people are making a combat!?

I just relized last night that the people who is a part of Nintendo, are trying to make us go to China and all them places, cuz' by the ways of it looks Wii's are making a heck of a fight against 360's, I don't know about yall but I don't want Nintendo making OS's for computers, if they get rich enough we will have another war and then China will win cuz' we can't have marines doing 5 things at once because our deaths rates are higher then it is suppose to be and we don't want them higher. Don't yall see that Nintendo are forcing us to buy Pokemon and selling awkward looking products (Wii) so they can come over here and ship our butts over the Atlantic Ocean so they can have bigger bucks and give us the lower resources. I require everyone to stop buying their products till the end of 2007. That will be all.


Also anoother thing, look more into the "Nintendo events" for Pokemon, if we want to have a Deoxys and it was only for that day only we can never get it again unless we cheat. Nintendo is making us go to jail for what they done. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? We shouldn't go to one place far away to get a Mew, Celebi, Lugia, etc, etc. That is messed up and isn't fair for the future players, so Nintendo needs to find someway to put them in the game to be noticible someway. Next thing MissingNo. I mean they messed that up from the start, PUT IT BACK IN NINTENDO! Nintendo makes noticible changes very noticible that is that I can't stand it, like the Mew trick for instance, why they take that out, all i'm saying here is make it so kids can play Pokemon games and make them so they stay for more. Don't get another product from them till the end of 2007.

Update 2:

No, i'm an innocent bystander who doesn't want to go to China for any reason only to visit, we can't fight them cuz' Nintendo will give the goverment big bucks for weapons of mass destruction to give to Iraq and all them places.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What are you talking about again?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wait, so you're saying China will make a lot of money, then we'll fight them because of that. And they send pokemon here that make us go to the Atlantic Ocean? I don't understand those two parts.

    And who are you to REQUIRE? Are you President Bush or something?

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