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The "IMPORTED" people are making a combat!?

I just relized last night that the people who is a part of Nintendo, are trying to make us go to China and all them places, cuz' by the ways of it looks Wii's are making a heck of a fight against 360's, I don't know about yall but I don't want Nintendo making OS's for computers, if they get rich enough we will have another war and then China will win cuz' we can't have marines doing 5 things at once because our deaths rates are higher then it is suppose to be and we don't want them higher. Don't yall see that Nintendo are forcing us to buy Pokemon and selling awkward looking products (Wii) so they can come over here and ship our butts over the Atlantic Ocean so they can have bigger bucks and lower resources. I require everyone to stop buying their products till the end of 2007. That will be all.


Then Japenese imported people are gonna take over the USA and turn it to the DSJ (Dependent States of Japan the 2ND.)

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    Okay first, Nintendo is a JAPANESE based company.

    Second, see a shrink

    Third, Stop spammin

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    go see a doctor, please. You're losing it.

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