Did Jesus Know The He Was Going To Rise From The Dead In Only Three Days?

Did the Lord Jesus know, when they were getting ready to crucify Him, that He was going to rise from the dead in only three days?

If He did, if He knew all along that He would only be dead for three days, then is it accurate to says that He sacrificed Himself for us? Didn't He sacrifice only three days? And didn't He KNOW that this was all that He would be sacrificing?

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    1. If Jesus actually existed and was the son of god...bla bla bla, then he didn't really make much of a sacrifice as he knew that after his ritual death, he would be back in heaven on the right hand of god...bla bla bla.

    Some sacrifice. Humans have been subjected to far far worse tortures and deaths as bible-Jesus, but without the smug comfort of knowing there was an afterlife, or that they were really super-heroes in disguise.

    2. If Jesus actually existed, but was just another wandering philosopher, of which there were many, then he just died.

    3. Most likely Jesus didn't actually exist at all, so your question is meaningless.

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    Yes! Jesus knew that when he proved faithful; he would rise in three days. He sacrificed himself once and for all time. This covers more than three days in your question. Jesus provided the faithful perfect life that Adam and Eve lost for us. I am very thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus.

    Source(s): God's Word; the Bible (John 17:3)
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    Not only is Jesus God's son, he is also God. He willingly gave up his right to the throne in heaven to come to earth to save us from our sins. In being God, yes he knew that he would be raised after 3 days. To answer wether or not he sacrificed only three days, the answer is no. He sacrificed himself to bring us back into a right relationship to his father.

    After Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, our relationship with God was destroyed, and the only way for us to be reconciled back to God was for Christ to be crucified on the Cross. Compare Christ's burial for three days with that of Jonah spending 3 days in the belly of the great fish after he ran from God, when God sent him to tell the people of Nineveh to repent or receive God's judgement of destruction.

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    I think you fail to understand that the great sacrifice was Jesus becoming sin for us, taking upon himself all the sins of humanity and Jesus as God the Son enduring the wrath of God the Father for us. In that light, the three days duration means nothing - it could have three seconds or three billion years.

    god bless

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    Yes. Jesus did not take our place on the cross - that is not a Biblical doctrine. Under the Law, a sinner was condemned to the death penalty. It would make no sense for Jesus to die in our place, because according to the Bible (Old and New Testaments), once a person dies they have already met the legal requirement of the Law. The Apostle Paul explains that Jesus rose from the dead for our justification. The resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate goal all along - that is what saves us, not his death on the cross.

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    Jesus quoted two sources:

    Jonah being in the belly of a whale three days and three nights.

    He also mentioned about tearing down the temple and it will be rebuilt in three days. Obviously referring to Himself.

    He knew. He and the Father are One.

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    He did know that He was going to rise again on the third day. But I think the initial death was still a big sacrifice...It was a horrible terrible torture...the worse pain possible to be felt.

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    Yes, He did.

    just three days?

    what you fail to realize and can't appreciate is the amount of pain and suffering He endured while taking the total sin debt of the world on Himself.....the sins of BILLIONS of sinners with an unfathomable number of sins, past, present and future.

    just three days?

    Do you know where He was during the time between His death and resurrection?

    He was in Hell!

    He went there to tell Satan that all those souls he thought he had "stolen" from God in the Garden of Eden were no longer his.

    Jesus had paid for them, and as many as would believe on Him, would never belong to Satan but would be children of the Living God.

    just three days?

    just three days?

    you have got to be kidding

    or totally blind to the Truth.

    how unappreciative can one be?

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    HE knew that he was going to die on the cross and that he would raise up in three days With out his resurrection we would not be resurrected up

  • no

    he is a cult myth character, so the question is meaningless..

    it's like askign "did Peter Pan know beforehand that he'd be talking to Tinker Bell?" I mean, it really doesn't matter what the story claims, it's a myth

    they myth is contradictory, too. since jeebus was suposed to be god on earth, and you can't kill god, he sacrificed nothing...he just knew he'd be floating off to heaven anyway. it's nonsense!! the myth doesn't work, it doesn't flesh out.

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