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How can I keep my birds cage door open?

My cocketeil, Alfred, is out right now and the door to his cage won't stay open, this always happens, I tried a tie, but he chewed on it and I don't know what to do next. The door has springs, so it won't open when he is on it, but what if he is out?

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    just get a metal snap/clip like the ones on the end on dog leashes. I had the same prob with my bird and his cage and just cut the clip off the end of an old dog leash and used that. It worked great and he couldnt chew it up

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    Awesome Question! LOL! Well, I have 2 cockatiels and 2 parakeets, when I bought 2 cages for my parakeets, to keep their door open there was this long white pole(1 foot or so, as big as the doors legnth or longer). It had 2 hooks on BOTH ends. Whatca' do is you slide it through the bars of the end of the cage's door, and the top of the cage(where the door's top closes, but NOT ON THE CAGE DOOR). Then, the door will stay open untill you take the bar off! LOL! Good luck!

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    I used a wooden spring hinged clothes pin. It works great. When I upgraded to a larger cage I got a door that suited me better. Now my bird sits on his opened door and goes in and out of his cage for food and water all he wants. Good Luck.

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    I oftentimes enable my birds out while i'm interior a similar room with them for some million-2 hours based of ways under pressure they're additionally as a results of fact I even have 6 cockatiels and 5 budgies so they do unlike being interior the cage jointly for long. yet they generally stretch fly around the room as quickly as then basically sit down on ideal of the cage or on the door.

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    use a bread tie twist it around the door and to the cage that should hold it open

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    well if u want to keep the door open u can always use trusty duct tape ur bird probably wont chew threw that

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    Ole Howard will have a tough time chewing his way through a big paper clip. You bend it to fit your needs. If you don't have one, then ask a friend to let you have one.

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    what about a thin wire to hold it open?

    We use wire for our bird cages and as much as our cocketiels want to chew them, its difficult :D

    you can usually purchase the thin wire from a florist or local hardware shop

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    I used one of those sticky hooks and hung the door on that. Attach it above the door.

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    Jump off a cliff.

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