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My 6 year old daughter had her blood sugar checked recently and it was 196. Isn't that pretty high?

She is not underweight, but slim and active. She does drink excessively and is often tired. I am just a little worried, but there is a history of juvenile diabetes in her family.


Also...checked at home with a portable monitor...twice...and this was a fasting level :(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is high for a normal person, but not too high. I have had people who never took diabetes have elevated blood glucoses occasionally. A person without diabetes should have a blood sugar range between 80-120, this is normal for non-diabetic persons. No matter how much candy, sweets, etc she has aten, her blood sugar should not go above this range. Since diabetes tends to hit people at different times, whether they present with risk factors or not, it may not make a difference. You can have her see an endocrinologist to see if she carries the gene for diabetes but even if she does, all it will do is cause your insurance premiums to go up. You can't stop it. The best prevention is to avoid sweets and weight gain, even with the size you mention & her being active, she may take it anyway. Signs & symptoms to look for when you believe someone is taking diabetes are: excessive water intake (this happened to me when I took diabetes at age 17), weight gain, tired all the time especially right after eating a meal, poorly healing wounds, nasty breath (fruity odor, to be honest smells funky), and depression. A fasting glucose test will sometimes show if a person is going to take diabetes as well. See a physician if your worried badly about it. The only exception to the glucose range being higher than normal that I would think of would be if your daughter was on prednisone or a steriod of some type. That medicine will make blood glucose ranges higher. Hope this helps.

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    That is a very high reading. And drinking excessively and being tired are symptoms of diabetes.

    If she's only 6, it probably means that she's getting it coming down through the family, and you mentioned there is a history of juvenile diabetes in the family.

    My cousins in Oregon both developed the Type 1 juvenile diabetes when they were only about 7 or 8. We finally figured out it was coming down from their mother's side of the family. It often SKIPS generations. The mother didn't have it. So it skipped over her and got the kids.

    If you haven't done so, already, you need to have the doctor run the fasting glucose tests on her to determine if she's developed diabetes.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think with juvenile diabetes, it means she may not be able to produce enough insulin on her own, and that can be very serious.

    You need to get her thoroughly tested and diagnosed right away. Juvenile diabetes is not something to put off or play around with.

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    The normal blood sugar scale for someone without diabetes is

    60-110. Thats before you eat a meal.

    Your daughters number is pretty high. That would explain her thirst and sleepiness. Does she seem a little cranky to you? That could be the high number also. Or you may find that she sweats easy. And evan be hungry alot.

    When diabetes starts this young, often times the person won't be overweight. And in fact slim. It sounds like you may know a lot about diabetes.

    If you don't have her seeing a dr. already, you should do that. You're doing well to keep an eye on her sugars. Learn as much as you can...if she ends up that she has it...she may not. :)

    Source(s): Someone with diabetes for 10 yrs. and a belief that knowledge is power.
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  • DNA
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    1 decade ago

    If that was a fasting blood sugar, she is probably diabetic. Ask for fasting insulin and an A1C to double check. A normal fasting blood sugar is between 60-99. Blood sugar should never be over 180. There's a stage before diabetes called insulin resistance. If she isn't diabetic, then it's quite possible she is insulin resistant. Ask the doctor lots of questions so that your daughter gets a diagnosis and the best treatment. good luck

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    You are smart to ask. Your doctor should guide you. Another symptom of juvenile diabetes is darkened pigmentation on the back of the neck. Be sure to see a doctor right way.

    There are three ways to manage glucose (blood sugar).

    1. Diet

    2. Exercise

    3. Medication

    Perhaps your doc could refer you to a diabetic nutritionist to assist you. I have diabetes, and trust me....if I had known then what I know now, I would have done everything I could to avoid it. A free site: can help you track the carbs (which turn to sugar) in her diet.

    I found, by experimentation, that walking for 10 minutes just 2 hours after a meal, my blood sugar went down by 44 points.

    You can find great dependable information here: Hope it helps!

    Peace be with you!

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    First relax. Next was the test after fasting for 12 hours, if not the test is moot. A single test is not going to diagnose diabetes, she should be tested after the 12 hour fast if this is still high then they will draw blood and test HA1C hemoglobin. A family history is more important in type 2 then type 1. Do the proper follow-up by talking to your doctor.

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  • Molly
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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like she has diabetes. Did the doctor want any follow appointments? She really needs to get this followed up on. Her high blood sugar, excessive water drinking and fatigue sounds like the first signs of juvenile diabetes. Have her rechecked. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is high for anyone.. what is important is how long it had been since she had eaten or if she had even eaten at all. 196 isn't high enough to put her into a diabetic coma or cause brain damage, but she really needs to see a doctor as soon as possible! Diabetes is a very serious illness that can lead to kidney failure, blindness, poor circulation(leading to amputation) and many other complications. My grandmother had diabetes and died at the age 59. Please, take her to the doctor and get this under control!

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