How do I motivate my child to earn her black belt?

my daughter has 3 belts to go to become a black belt in Taekwondo...she does great... but has been slowly losing her motivation. How do I help her get excited about sticjing with it...I know it will greatly help her confidence when she earns her black belt.

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    My son has been in karate for 6 years since 1st grade and he earned his first degree black belt when he was 10 in Shorin Ryu Karate. I am actually amazed yet very proud that he has a long term commitment to the martial arts. I think a key factor to his success was the Sensei he trained under… An exceptional instructor who has outstanding teaching skills with kids/adolescents. Then again my son also has admiration to be the next Jet Li :). I recommend that you talk with the Dojo or her Sensei/instructor about your concerns and see what can be done to sway her motivation. Also maybe have a one-on-one with her to discuss the concerns and see where she wants to be with Taekwondo. When my son tested for his black belt, as part of the testing requirement, he had to submit an essay on why he wanted to be a black belt.

    I do express that if she is no longer interested than allow her to discontinue if she chooses. I have always supported that if my son decided to discontinue then it would be his choice rather than me imposing what I think he should do. We do have an agreement that if it isn’t karate then it has to be another activity… I want to make sure he is doing something to remain active.

    Continue to encourage your daughter’s success and remain supportive.

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    This is not the advise you're asking for but here's my opinion.

    It could be that she is simply ready to move on to the next thing. Yes, you spent the money and she spent the time to get to where she is now, but perhaps the final stage just isn't her goal.

    In many cases, a hobby or activity is simply a stepping stone to prepare a person for the next thing.

    Perhaps she can now channel her energy into a dance class or a sport and then, if she wants to, she can go back to martial arts later.

    Pushing your child into something she is losing interest can cause her to resent or even hate that activity. If you really want her to stick this out, make sure it's not because of something that YOU want but that you have her interests in mind.

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    Ask her if she actually wants to continue. I really wouldn't force the issue for 2 reasons: 1) She's liable to resent you & Taekwondo for "making" her do it. 2) If she's only 3 belts away from Black Belt she can kick your head in lol. Seriously, don't for the issue, kids do lose interest in things then go back to them. I know that it isn't easy but have to start to let her do it IF she wants to.

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    Don't force her to stick with Taekwondo if she isn't interested anymore. You sound like a variation on the stage mom nightmare. My mother kept pushing modeling pagents and beauty competitions on me until I was old enough to move out. Years later, I still resent her a bit for it and now I am determined not to do that to my child.

    Let it go.

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    Maybe she's not interested in it anymore. That happens with kids (alot!). Something is cool for awhile but pretty soon it's boring.

    You shouldn't push her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Why does she need to boost her confidence? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe she's ALREADY proud of herself for coming this far in Taekwondo?

    Even if she only sticks witih something for a week or a day even, you should be proud of her. Your being proud of what she's accomplished will mean more to her than earning a black belt.

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    This may sound corny, but how about fixing it where she watches some cool martial arts movies, maybe where there are some female leads, and perhaps with some stress on them getting their own belts. I'm not sure there are any, but I do remember some where the hero might earn his 'reward' at the end of a movie.

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    it will be great for you!!If she doesn't want to do it anymore then let her have a break. It does not mean she will not go back to it just that she wants to stop for a little while

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    Find out what she wants most and make it a reward for the belt and have smaller rewards for each one below.

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    Well you can give her money, money always motivates, you can bribe with new clothes or a car,maybe if you talk to her you can find out what is going on.

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    you don't ever force a child to do something that he/she doesn't want to do. Let her pick her own activity. She will resent you in the end if you dont! :)

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