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Do you think the war in Iraq was a mistake?

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    I gave a thumbs up to everyone who said it was a mistake, but I agree even more with Long haire freaky person, that it was more than just a mistake, it was a crime.

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    Yes it is a terrible mistake:

    To say that 9/11 and the war on terrorism is the main reason for invading Iraq, yet on those planes that hit the Twin Towers none of the terrorists were Iraqis. Bin Laden and his Al Qaida terrorists were all Saudis, so why was Saudi Arabia not invaded instead?.

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    The one aspect of the Iraqi war against supposed "WMD"s totally ignored by those that want to now use the existence of the war as a political tool, is Saddam’s game playing, baiting of UN investigators (for years) and creating overt prime facie evidence of the existence of a multitude of WMD’s. His game of international Nuclear/Bio poker verified his need for an issue of blackmail by deception. After the final takeover and ousting there were numerous facilities uncovered capable of chemical and bio weapons manufacture, carefully sanitized. Why do you suppose? The destruction of John Bulls super cannons aimed at Israel should give a moron the clue that Saddam and his administration had in mind mass destruction of vast areas of human populations. When you couple all that to the incontrovertible fact that the main target of this hate game in fact has LOTS of functional deliverable tactical nukes and were on the verge of using them… what would YOU do??? Spread sand on the dance floor? Offer them a 7-Up? Time for a reality check.

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    Maybe. But liberating the Iraqis and overthrowing Saddam's regime wasn't a mistake. It may not have been our place to do so but I think in the future Iraq will be a better place because of the war. Happy New Year.

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    NO!! I think President Bush did what he thought was best in trying to rectify an issue. He would still have been criticized for not sending in aid to Iraq if he had chose to ignore the issue and the whole incident of Sep. 11th (which President Bush did not create as some liberals like to claim). Liberals would have accused him of not living up to the idea that the United States should always try to help those in need. The "war" as the media calls it is not really a war if you think about it. WAR was World War II or the Civil War, where thousands of people perished and the reasons were remembered.

    This "war" is not really a war. If you look closely at what its called, it's called The War ON Terrorism. Not the terrorism war. The name alone tells you it's not an actual war. In all aspects of dispute there is casualties.

    The war in Iraq, is the war in Iraq. That war has been being fought since long before the United States even began to take initiative and step in.

    The majority of people that answer your question with a yes cannot justify nor provide an intelligent or educated answer to back up their answers. If we left it up to the liberals they would turn tail and hide on every issue that carried any more weight other than supporting the lazy and finding more government programs that tax payers have to support. Someone has to be responsible and Republicans are the only ones who have the mental capability and courage to do so.

    Drambor, In response to your answer:

    I'm amused that ONE out of how many liberals who posted on this questilon could provide such an extraneous and long answer. An answer based totally on liberal opinion and nothing on fact.

    Iraq never threatened the United States- Liberal Opinion

    It was a mistake because it was an illegal war of aggression- Liberal Opinion (check your facts)

    It was a mistake because it violated the UN Charter (In what way?)

    It was a mistake because it violated the U.S. Constitution. (Which part?)

    It was a mistake because it caused death and destruction to the only progressive Muslim country in the region.(Check your facts once again)

    It was a mistake because it has provided a terrorist breeding ground according to the head of the CIA.(Terrorists had already advanced pre 9/11when Clinton was in office- Again check your facts and not media opinion)

    It was a mistake because it has and will cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars of their income. (So do government programs created by liberals developed to support the lazy.)

    It was a mistake because it can only result in future anti-American sentiment. (the majority of the world is already Anti-American, again check your facts)

    It was a mistake because it will result in future attacks against Americans (what attacks? Didn’t know liberals could fortune tell as well-amazing)

    It was a mistake because none of the reasons presented for it were true. (those reasons being? The real ones please, not media opinion)

    It was a mistake because it has cost the lives of our service members to secure corporate profits.(service members are exactly that SERVICE MEMBERS- they know what they are stepping into and the majority of them know and believe in what they are fighting for- again the courage thing since most service members are known Republicans)

    It was a mistake because it has destroyed the credibility of our country worldwide (credibility to whom? Other countries always have and will run to support from the US)

    It was a mistake because it squandered the good will of the rest of the world after 9/11 (that good will being?? No other country stepped in to try to aid the us after 9/11)

    It was a mistake because it drew resources away from the effort to address 9/11, which was abandoned (If I remember correctly it was liberals who tried to stop the premier of the film United Flight 93 due to the fact that the movie would mean better publicity for President Bush and his decision and reason for sending troops overseas) .

    It was a mistake for all the reasons given over 200 years ago-- Since notions presented in the Bible translated over 300 years ago are dismissed, why should documentation from man be addressed in this day and age?

    Touché Darling!

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    Obviously things did not go well in Iraq. The question should be why was the Iraqi war a mistake?

    In my opinion the war underestimated the insanity of the Iraqi people. First they looted their own country and blamed Bush for it. Then the Bathist tried to create an unstable situation. Then Al-Kaida of Iraqi tried to create an unstable situation. Then the Shia' and Sunni killed each other off trying to gain power. They all blamed the American's for not properly securing Iraq... Somehow I think the blame belongs to the Iraqis themselves.

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    Yes it was a mistake, all in the interest of oil, 3,000 troops have dyed so for. If oil is this important to George Bush and Chaney why don't they call on Russia. An off shore deposit was found there that would supply the world for 40 years. .

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    Mistake? We can make a "little mistakes" in our lives and learn from them, but who gives a green light to war is more than a mistake.

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    No, it was not a mistake. It was a crime. Mistakes are good ideas that turn out bad. The Iraq war was illegal and unjustified from the beginning.

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    Yes, without a doubt. Invading Iraq will end up being the worst blunder by a President in our history.

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