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i want to go on a vacation to a new contry, but am not sure where, and suggestions?

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    If you don't speak another language I would suggest Australia or England. My bro went to Aus. earlier this year on a buissness trip and he said the people were wonderful. One of his coworkers even brought him home to meet the family and they took him to al sorts of places and treated him like he was part of the family. Also the toilets flush backwards. But there isn't much water in them so beware. Hope this helps..

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    Well.. I personally would reccommend Italy... I loved it there... If ur are going in the summer... I recommend u wear light clothing.. IT IS SO HOT over there in the summer.. Trust me. .I wore jeans, and that turned out horribly! lol... Italy had the best food, Cute little quaint towns.. I loved Jesolo italy, a Beach town... The beach there was fantastic.. No trash anywhere, and the water was warm... it was perfect... Go there.. Italy has been my favorite so far... I also loved austria..beautiful country, if u can go there.. Nice people, beautiful scenery.. go and u wont be dissapointed.. Ciao.. good luck!

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    Somewhere where you can learn English ...if you are not a native speaker, it will pay to practice.

    If you ARE a native speaker, your spelling and punctuation are horrid, and you need to work on those rather than recreate.

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    go to Machu Picchu, Peru to visit the Inca ruins

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  • Alila
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    I've always wanted to go to:

    New Zealand because many of my fav. moview we're filmed there (and its pretty)



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    What country are you from now?

  • Anonymous
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    Go to Iraq.

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    where are you starting?

  • steve
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    1 decade ago

    look at my picture...hint, hint.

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