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Anyone know what the song situations by Jack Johnson is about?

Here it is:


Situation Number one

Its the one that's just begun

But evidently its too late

Situation Number two

Its the only chance for you

It's controlled by denizens of hate

Situation Number three

It's the one that no one sees

All too often dismissed as fate

Situation Number four

The one that left you wanting more

Tantalized you with its bait

Normally I'm pretty good at finding meanings but this one has me puzzled. I thought of death, a break up....I just wanted here what some people thought.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Situation #1

    Where you are at in this precise moment in time. Lifes path with ther choices you made brought you here and that's why it's too late to (to change the current situation).

    Situation #2

    It's the only chance for you. This is because it follows directly the path laid by #1. The denizens of hate will be those pulling your strings and forcing you to do what suits their ambitions and not necessarily that which suits you. All is for their gain and not yours.

    Situation #3

    I'd like to think that he was writing about the hidden aspects of the human syche here. The things we know that are not seen on the everyday level of the 3 dimensional world our bodies inhabit. The little voice inside that guides us and which we choose to ignore. When we ignore that voice and things happen we dismiss this as fate.

    Situation #4

    Fairly straight forward. The situation of carnal pleasure and promise. The easy road that we usually take for instant gratification and appeasment. Not necessarily the road/path we should take but rather that which self satisfies both us and the master puppateers at the same time.

    Well, that's my interperatation anyway !!!!!

  • its about his crappy music and homosexual tendencies

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