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please help?

does any one no if its possable to take a fathers name of the childs birth certificuit?i have a 1 year old son and his dads name is on the certificut,my son also takes his sername aswell as mine,me and the father are going threw a messy break up mainly because of the way he treats my kids and the things he says.he changed into a nasty man and would never trust him with my kids.his name on the cert was a BIG mistae now im worried he may try and get my it poss to take his name off the cert????


also im sure some of you may say that if he is that bad the law would be on my side ect but ihave no proof what he is like only my word and i no courts do not go on the word alone

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, you cant take the father's name off the birth certificate, in any case, he could insist on DNA test to prove paternity. If he chooses to fight for custody, he can make it difficult. If this man is abusive, then call the police when he does something abusive. If nothing else, it will establish a record of the incident that you can bring up in court. Just dont do it if there is no abuse, filing a false report would be damaging to your case.

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