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How does Verizon Wireless Prepaid INpulse plan work?

I want to know how Verizon Wireless Prepaid INpulse plan work.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    On a Verizon Wireless Prepaid Inpulse plan, you will need to get a refill card of $15, $30, $75 or $150. Then you will be charge 99 cents each day whether you use your phone or not. If you make any calls it will cost you 10 cents a minute. However you will have unlimited evenings to call from 9 pm to 6:59 am. on Sunday to the following Saturday. You also will have free unlimited mobile to mobile with other Verizon customers.

    Text messaging will cost you 10 cents to receive or send a text message. For picture messaging it will cost you 25 cents a message to send or receive and 99 cents a day if you use the wireless internet on your phone.

    So if you were planning to use your phone for 30 days for example you would need more than $30 refill card because you would be charge 99 cents a day, plus on top of any calls you will make that would be 10 cents a minute. It gets pretty expensive as you can see.

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