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Parrot behaviour?

I'm pet sitting a parrot (don't know the breed, but its small and purple and blue with a green head if that helps). It keeps burrowing under the newspaper at the bottom of the cage and hiding under there. Is this something I should be worried about?

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    Parrots are very timid birds. This is very normal behavior. Here is an article that may help you understand:


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    Sounds like he is really cool!!! Talk to him, like you would a child, and give him something to play with, or something he likes to eat. He will warm up to you soon. He's probably not used to you, but you are lucky, most parrots are very aggressive towards strangers, especially in their cage!!!

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    it sounds like its playing coy with you....mabey peek-a-boo..talk baby talkish to it and I bet you get a response...are you giving it treats??? fresh fruit is great..how long are you pet-sitting?? good luck and have fun... my parrots also like to shred the newspapers...My umbrella cockatoo also had a plucking problem andI was told by my vet to put some cardboard boxes and blocks of wood in the cage, he shredded the heck out of all of it and now has a beautiful chest of feathers..lol...Happy New Years!!!! smile

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    My bird did the same thing. I started placing some real branches the cage, and he was fine thereafter.

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    this is most likely normal for its breed all breeds are different but i assure u its just playing!

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    I think he's being shy! d

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