The 4 Weapons of Resident Evil. Which ones are the best?

Which gun is the best? Chicago Typewriter, Infinite Rocket Launcher, P.R.L 412, or Handcannon? Need to know which one to go for.

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    rocket launcher not good, blow urself up

    PRL sucks for killing, good for stunning

    handcannon good for bosses but not the other creatures cuz it takes too long to bring back down and fire again

    typewriter endless firing no waiting time, kills anything in a short blast, except for boss creatures

    my thought= typewriter

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  • 1 decade ago

    for starters, the infinite rocket launcher is good for fast clearing of the game... but dangerous to use if you are targetting close-by monsters because it will end up blasting yourself, the monster and ashley...

    for the chicago typewriter, the handling is better and you can wipe out monsters quickly, not not as quickly as the rocket launcher... but it's a good weapon to have when you're cornered by multiple enemies in a confined area...

    PRL 412 is only good for stunning monsters and killing parasites... not exactly useful...

    handcannon would be the best weapon for resident evil 4... it kills the enemy with a 99.9 fire power, which means instant death for anything in your way... it can be used in close range battles and not end up getting yourself injured...

    so, my conclusion : handcannon~

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  • 1 decade ago

    i used infinite rocket launcher to destroy the evil if i will be on trapped

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  • 1 decade ago

    tie between the Chicago type writer and the hand cannon

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