my heart was broken today why?

this guy i like, just told me today he likes my bestfriend who he only saw once. my heart completely stopped and i didnt even want to work nomore i juss wanned to go home im 17yrs old , i really liked him n i though their was a lil hope. why does this happen to me and is not even that but i feel so worthless, specially since i suffer from depression and its wasy for me to get sad easily. now im going to have a sad new yrs i dont even wanna stand up from my bed im so sad. all i can do is cry and cry and cry, i feel like im juss there taking up space, i feel ugly, worthless and like my life has no meaning.

my heart was totally broken today

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    Your a better person move on Happy new year.

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    If you suffer from chronic depression the first thing you don't want to do is climb into the bed and lay there. I have a major depressive disorder, I know about these things. Make yourself get up and go on if at all possible. Talk to some other friends and don't you even consider giving that loser another chance when he comes back. I'm not sure why this happens to you, it's happened to me and I was hurt at the time. I did finally move on. You will too, it may take a little while and you may feel like an empty shell for the time being. It's New Years. Stay online and answer some questions on here and try to help others. Maybe it will make you feel better.

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    Honey don't let your heart be broken .U r young .U have your whole life ahead of u.There r so many unique people out in this world.Go find them.get up off that bed & look yourself in the mirror & go get what u want.Try anyway!!!As far as the guy goes well,sometimes things just are not ment to b even if, like your situation,it was the 1 golden wish of truth.something u wanted more than anything.It takes 2 ppl. 2 hv a relationship.When u work so hard 4 something& it did'nt happen learn from it and try not to want so bad next time.Pray too that always helps.By the way I HAD MY HEART BROKE LAST NIGHT TOO WHEN IDID'NT GETA NEW YEARS KISS FROM THE MAN I LOVE.SAME SITUATION i think .Men seem to go 4 outer beauty instead of inner beauty.cheer up babe.Take a nap.You'll feel better when u wake up.When u wake up look at yourself in the mirror& know u look good & in time u will see there is a God & theNEXT CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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    First of all Dusty,

    You are NOT ugly. You are NOT worthless. And your life means a great deal to everyone who cares about you.

    You are a virtual stranger to those answering your questions, yet we care enough about you to respond.

    My heart goes out to you; I know what it was like to be 17 and have a broken heart. But the affection of a teenage boy---notoriously fickle creatures---is not what you are all about and on what you should place your self-worth.

    I am far more concerned about what appears to be your suffering from depression. It may be normal teen angst, but you must be the judge of that. Have you ever seen a counselor/ psychiatrist? They are the best people to evaluate whether or not you suffer from true depression.

    And if you do, there are medications that can change your life. I know this for a fact; I one of the people whose life was changed by antidepressants.

    Again Dusty, I'm not saying that you have no real reason to be sad. Heartbreak IS sad, it's devastating, and most of us have to go through what you're going through several if not many times before we find the right partner. If misery loves company, than you have lots of it! But this will fade in time. You're allowed to recuperate from heartache in any way you see fit, either by hangingout with your friends or on your own, in your own time. But if the dark cloud doesn't lift in a while, I hope you'll consider counseling. Best of everything to you Dear.

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  • Al B
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    Tell yourself that you are just learning about relationships. At 17 years old you will find other people in time that will care for you and you will be happy. As far as this guy, anyone that would do that to you is a loser and you should feel lucky that it never went any further because if you had been in a serious relationship or even married, he would cheat on you in a heartbeat.

    Make a list of your good qualities and read them over, put them somewhere that you see them each day and don't let the losers that you meet in life spoil who you will become in time.

    What you feel is part of growing pains that many your age feel and there may well be a guy out there somewhere, waiting for the two of you to meet, who is feeling just the same way that you are feeling now.

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    Awww. You'll find a great guy when it's time. Think about all the great things that have happened so far this year, and hope that next year will bring even better things. Are you done high school yet? Think about graduation, and all the great things you will do after that. Think about how many great things you still have to look forward to, and dedicate your night to that. I know it's hard, I have been through the same feelings, but there's so many things to look forward to for you to let it ruin New Years 2006/2007 which will only happen once. Have a good night, and a good year 2007.

  • DeeDee
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    Dusty: SNAP OUT OF IT!!

    You are NOT worthless!!

    Your life DOES have meaning!!

    Dont be all depressed because some loser(yes he is) doesnt want you ..

    ITS HIS LOSS!! He doesnt know what hes missing!!! (and dont ever give him the opportunity!!)

    Everyone has gone through a similar experience in life .. we all get on with life (even if at the time it feels like the end ..)

    You will meet a special guy this YEAR 2007 ... just wait and see..

    in the meantime.. CHEER UP ... put some loud, boppy, dance music on ... and DANCE!!!

    Dance like you never danced before!!

    Happy New Year!! and if you're still feeling depressed, we're here for you!!

    Source(s): I was once 17!
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    Dusty, you need to pull yourself together. That guy was a JERK!! You should be happy that you were not stuck with him for t he rest of your life. You are only 17. Your still young and this will happen to you alto in your life time. Men will come and go and break your heart along the way but you need to stay strong. Get your AZ out of that bed and keep it moving. Don't ever let a man get you that down and out that you can't get out of bed. You are better then that. One mans trash is another mans treasure. He will wake up one day and realize that he made a mistake and trust me he will be ringing your phone off the hook. And when he does you need to turn around and give him your AZ too kiss. So pick your face up off the floor and keep it moving! Happy New Years! You will be OK!

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    Hey, first your not worthless and trust me your life has meaning and your not ugly. KNOW THIS.

    There is always HOPE! Always!!!!!! Now, did you except him to guess how you feel? You should say, Yeah, I like my friend too, she is a nice person, (what ever), then say something like, do you have any plans for tonight? ASK HIM OUT. AND the truth of matter is if he is not interested, so what, there are so many boys,guys that would be. you are only 17 you have your whole life to live.There is a whole world out there, just to meet you and for you to meet it. Dry your eyes, hold head up and live life. Don't worry about boys, they will come and they will go, til you find the one and the one finds you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should of told him how you felt and then maybe things would be different. You are crying over spilt milk, get up go wash your face and dig in to the New Year. Being depressed is not an option here.

    Move on, there are plenty of fish in the sea, besides it happens at least once in our lifetime. That's life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't be sad

    there's someone out there for you.

    your only 17 you still have a long life to live and lots of people to meet. you are a very special person but you just have to wait for the guy who is worthy enough to see that. stop thinking about that guy, go hang out and a party get in the spirit and you will feel better. you might even meet a new guy at the party ;]

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