Belkin wireless network help! Model: Wireless Pre-N Router Part # F5D8230-4?

I have recently locked my wireless internet network with a 128 WEP lock because someone have been stealing my internet and slowing down my network. Then, I blocked their mac address so they can't get into my network even if they get the pass. But, then i accidently enabled this one option that changed the admin site from to but for some reason I can't access either site and my internet keeps getting disconnected whether I connect through cable or wireless.

*Please help, if this sounds confusing then just ask me which part and ill try and rephrase ịt

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  • 1 decade ago
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    set your computer to MANUALLY have the following IP then set the gateway to and you should be able to connect to it and the internet again.

    DHCP servers on routers automatically give out the NEXt ip address which would be but subnet masks usually don't allow .255's to speak to the network, so your pc is going to the router and asking for an ip, the router gives it and then it can't talk to anything. So what you are going to do is manually set your IP to a valid IP on the network so you can talk to it again :)

    right click network neighborhood (or network places on xp) go to properties, scroll to internet protocal (tcp/ip) then change it from automatic on the IP and Gateway to manual and enter above IPs.

    Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Is there a reset button on your router? Check your router's manual.

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