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who established the time line...why New Years in Australia before NYC ?

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    However, the nautical date line which governs ships is determined by international agreement—it is de jure (of law). It is the result of the 1917 Anglo-French Conference on Time-keeping at Sea, which recommended that all ships, both military and civilian, adopt hourly standard time zones on the high seas. The United States, for example, adopted its recommendation for US military and merchant marine ships in 1920. This date line is implied but not explicitly drawn on time zone maps. It follows the 180° meridian except where it is interrupted by territorial waters adjacent to land, forming gaps—it is a pole-to-pole dashed line. Ships must adopt the standard time of a country if they are within its territorial waters, but must revert to international time zones (15° wide pole-to-pole gores) as soon as they leave its territorial waters. The 15° gore that is offset from GMT or UT1 (not UTC) by twelve hours is bisected by the nautical date line into two 7.5° gores that differ from GMT by ±12 hours.

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    Didn't you pay attention in Earth Science or Geography?


    Australia is ahead of NYC because the sun rises there first, so it is already 10:54am there (currently 7:25pm here on the East Coast of the USA).

    The International Date Line is at approximately 180 degrees longitude. It kind of zigzags instead of going straight from the North Pole to the South Pole because of politics.

    Now you know.

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    It has to do with time zones and the International Date Line and Greenwich Mean Time.

    Because everyone wants to measure their day with the sun being at its highest point at midday, scientists came up with the idea to divide the earth into different time zones. There are 24 hours in a day, so there are 24 time zones. The time is the same everywhere within one time zone, but different to all the other time zones. When you move from one time zone to the next one, you change your watch by one hour. If you are traveling in an easterly direction you move your watch one hour forwards, if you are moving in a westerly direction you move it one hour backwards.

    New York is west of London, and they are separated by 5 time zones.

    This means that when it is midday in New York it is 5 pm in London.

    When it is midday in London it is 7 am in New York.

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