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what is the best product to use to straighten african american naturely curley hair?

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    It depends on the results. Do you want permanently or temporarily straightened hair?

    If temp, use products with silicones in the ingredients as they serve as protectants against heat damage. And contrary to what has been communicated, hair(especially from those of African descent) is very fragile and dry, and is prone to heat damage if not protected or styled properly. Use a ceramic iron(not just a gold-plated one). Gold-plated irons do not distribute heat evenly, causing damaging hot spots. Ceramic irons(such as Chi, Fhi, etc). utilize plates that distribute heat evenly, minimizing damage.

    Another way to straighten is to wet-set the hair on large magnetic roller(smooth hair completely on roller), and sit under a hooded dryer until dry. Take down, and brush hair into a wrap(flat beehive) against the head, setting with clips or pins if needed, and sit under dryer again. Take down and style as desired. You can smooth the hair more with a flat-iron if desired, and to keep the style up, wrap your hair with a satin scarf.

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    at the start i'm an African American lady and that i've got medium/long hair and it somewhat is totally mostly on the instant and it is not "pretend." My hair is truthfully curly while moist not kinky and that i'm relaxer unfastened). listed below are some issues which you will easily want (you may bypass the low-value direction, the extreme-end direction, or a mix of the two). Your ultimate asset would be a "ceramic" flatiron ( i exploit Biosilk ceramic flatirons) a sturdy blow dryer with comb and brush attachments, moisturizing spray, as you will not would desire to dry out your hair whilst blow-drying. And an anti-frizz product. additionally secret is a honest quantity of dangling and protein development conditioners (Aveda is large). those tactics will help get your hair staying on the instant. in case you have questions, I strongly recommend traveling a salon that extremely makes a speciality of ethnic and non-ethnic hair. oftentimes, the extra widespread, culturally different salons will cater to the two. Make some appointments right here and there and that they are going to direct you on a thank you to apply such products. i'm hoping this permits. i comprehend the place you're coming from while it includes hair drama.

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    Get a flat iron that heats up to at least 500 degrees. It'll probably cost a tad more than one that only heats up to say 200 degrees, but it's more effective and better for your hair.

    Just a random tip: Hair can withstand very high heat. It's much more damaging to expose it to less heat for a longer time than expose it to more heat for a shorter time. So a more expensive flat iron that heats up to 700 degrees or so will really pay off because you won't have to spend so much time trying to flatten out each section of hair. Dragging a 200 degree iron over your hair again and again or painfully slowly will eventually only cause the hair to become brittle and to break easily from so much excess heat exposure.

    Hope that helps!

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    I think the Chi flat irons are the best. Please make sure you use a heat protector so the hair won't break. There are so many hair products. Ask your hair dresser which product she would recommend for your hair.

    Good luck!

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    Flat iron or a pressing comb or a good beautician

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    maxiglide straightener. it uses steam to straighten hair. i've been using it for about a year now. i use pure jojoba oil to moisturize my hair before using it.

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    Flat iron.

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    a straightener

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    pubes straightner cream

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    dark and lovly.

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