How do i clean my couch?

I'm not sure what the covering is made of, but it reminds me of microsuede, but we own it, so it proably isn't that fancy.

The tag says stuff about fill and something about polyurathane, i don't know if that's the cover or part of the innards. We didn't get any care instructions with the couch.


thanks goodman, but i'm hoping for a way to clean it at home. I don't have a car and i have to arrange rides to everywhere, with three kids in tow.

Update 2:

Thanks celery, that helps too.

I i have a carpet cleaner thing that comes with an attachment for furniture. I've only used it on my old couch though because i didn't really care about it. I'm afraid to use it.

Is there any chance that the cushion covers can be thrown in the washer? or do they not put the zippers on the cusion covers for that? Right now i need to remove somce cheap dry erase marker, some smeared in baby poop and several dark spots that were proably just something sticky that dried.

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    I'm not positive about microsuede, but the following are options for general couches:

    1. You could have someone come in and steam clean it.

    2. You could rent a steam-cleaner and steam it yourself.

    (In either case, you'd have to find out if steam-cleaning is ok for the fabric. I had a "velvet-suede" type of couch done, and it came out well.)

    3. You can buy upholstery cleaners that you spray on, let them foam up and dry, and clean off. You'd have to check with the label or company who makes the cleaner about your fabric and whether it would be harmed.

    4. You could buy a spot cleaner (like Carbona) for spots.

    (The tag's mention of fill and polyurethane is referring to any stuffing in cushions,)

    and then, too, there is always finding a particularly nice slipcover at a sale price. I know they aren't ideal, but they can beat dirty; and these days they are better than they used to be.

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    Use Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (or any foam cleaner such as Resolve etc.) follow the instructions. If you don't have a brush attachment use a damp cloth and scrub it after you spray the cleaner on it. Allow it to dry. Then you can spray some Febreze or other fabric refresher on it and your couch should be clean and fresh smelling. Happy New Year.

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    throw it out and burn it just kidding if the covers come off take one to the cleaners and check cost if they tell you how they will clean it you just save some money if it easier for them to do it and reasonable let them do it, but i think it should be no more then 20 bucks to clean all of them

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    What ever you utilize, try it first, i got here upon that even water and a delicate textile took the colour out of mine.... large fixtures from DHS. As for the laminate floor, heat soapy water.

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