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Why are some tacitly buying that physical disability equals mental/character idiocy?- primitive superstitions?

I've even had a couple people use baby talk to speak to me. By the time homo sapiens--the "superior species"--wakes up and corrects its subconscious lizard brain, I doubt there will be a viable breeding population left. People are enslaved to their false subconscious archetypes. Why aren't major resources directed at retraining that darkside of humans and freeing up those who are participating in their own degradation?

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    Honestly, I think the biggest contributor is others' ignorance in dealing with persons with disabilities. They tend to see a person that has a visible outer disability and think there must be an internal one as well. Unfortunately, growing up there is not a great deal of education for non-disabled people on the proper etiquette when dealing with someone with a disability, so unless a person has someone in their life with a disability, they will be unaware of how degrading and insulting they may be. Of course, there are always those select few that out of fear, ignorance or their own need to make themselves feel superior will act purposely hateful towards those with disabilities.

    I like the previous answer. Take each opportunity to educate others about your condition and how to treat you and others with respect. Possibly contact your local Center for Independent Living (CIL) or Disability Network office and talk with others there about volunteering your time to help educate others. The government is not going to designate resources towards educating the general public on how to behave, so people will have to do it themselves.

    Source(s): Social worker who works with people with disabilities
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    I personally think that it depends on what the physical disability is. :) People are stupid and like to make judgements on appearences. Scientists, however, say that there is a connection between a person's disability and specific types of intelligence, and these things happen mostly when someone is born with that disability.

    Scientists also agree that people who have a specific physical disability, have other mental abilities in compensation :) like imagination, for example. Or creativity. I saw this on Sex sense some time ago, and I definitely believe it's true. These people can be quite interesting and should be given a chance. After all, we could be in their place one day :)

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    First of all, I think you're being way too harsh on mankind, by grossly over-generalizing and even going so far as to cast doubts on our intellectual future. While it's painfully obvious that you've been the victim of discrimination and peoples' subconscinece condecension, you should learn from that, and know that we all don;t consider physically handicapped people to be mentally inferior. But instead, you yourself have fallen into the very same dynamic that you lament in your question: over-generalizing and typcasting while having insufficient data to do so. So..I think you have answered your own question: many people--like you yourself--can be narrow-minded. I, on the other hand, am as open-minded and tolerant as they come: thus, I am not going to regfrain from criticising you or treating your question with kid gloves because you are disabled.

    Source(s): I'm a graduate psychology student
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    The single biggest problem is that "normals" are afraid that they could, somehow, become diabled and they simply can't deal with that fear on a rational basis.

    Use every such occasion as a teaching moment.

    Source(s): multiple types of arthritis for many years using a walker for 3 years
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