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sports What does seed mean in ranking in sports?

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    A team or player's seed is their position in a playoff/tournament/championship.

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    It ranks the players or teams in that particular competition and it helps determine who plays who in a playoff bracket. The NCAA basketball for example has 4 divisions each with 16 teams. The #1 seed is the best team in each division. The #1 plays #16, #2 plays #15, #3 plays #14, etc.

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    In tennis, they sometimes have a player

    Ranked: 2


    Seeded: 1

    This can happen when a player is not playing in that tournament due to either injury or coz the player entered a different tournament

    Rank is the place you are in the world (everyone).

    Seed is the place you are in that tournament or competition (the players in that comp).

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