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When you go shopping do you always get your kids something, even if its a dollar?

I cant NOT get my kid at least one thing, be it 100 dollars or a dollar.

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    I have never purchased anything for child, unless we are going to there to purchase something for my child.

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    the rule in my house is when at the store if the child or children brought behave throughout the whole trip they get something out of the gumball machines 50cents max if they don't want anything they can opt to wait so then next time there good earn another 50cents and so one if wait till next time, if they saved after 10 trips would beable to get a $5 dollar toy. But so far they just want the satifaction of having the gum or tattoo now instead of saving. My youngest is a baby though so she don't really care much if she gets anything or not. And the other ones only earn theres once like every 5 trips

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    Not at all. My kids don't need all that junk. They already have rooms overflowing with things (like most average American kids do). Buying them another toy isn't teaching them saving or self-control, the value of a dollar, or patience. Starting about 2 months before Christmas and a month after, my kids don't get squat! I horde all the ideas of wants so I can pass ideas off to family for presents. I tend to save toy buying for special reasons, like a good week at school or keeping their rooms clean without being asked. I never want my kids buying just because they go into a store, so I don't.

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    Let me guess, your kid will throw a fit if you don't buy him/her something? They ALL do that.

    If you don't put a stop to it now, what do you think will happen in 5 years? 10?

    I have a friend who has a daughter (aged 9) that always gets something when she goes shopping. It's so bad, my friend can't even mention going to get anything without the daughter demanding her mom get her something to. For example, my friend who never buys herself anything asked me to go with her to buy a purse since didn't have one and needed one. Her daughter, who had at least a dozen purses insisted that she got a new purse too. My friend never got her purse but her daughter did. My friend wears those cheap $5 shoes for 2-3 years until she HAS to get another pair but her daughter has at least 10 pairs of shoes just because anytime she buys herself something, her daughter gives her a guilt trip. This is how it ends up from giving in to them every time.

    If your child throws a fit in a grocery store because they want candy or a toy, do you know what everyone will think of you? "Good for her!" Pick the child up and leave and the next time, make them stay home when you go shopping and they'll eventually understand that bad behavior isn't tolerated in the store.

    I can take any of my kids to a store without them throwing a fit. My youngest (5) will throw a fit with his grandma because he knows she'll give in and buy him something but never with me because he knows I'll tell him No and mean it.

    Good luck

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    Well we all want it all for our kids, and like me i do this same thing. I have cut back on doing it though what I do now is either let them get a healthy snack instead of more toys they really dont need because they have so many already. Now yesterday both kids asked for something while we were in the store and my response was simply sorry guys cant do it today we must save money from now on so maybe next year we can get a bigger swing set for you, you know I felt bad for a min. i wanted to get it so bad what ever they were asking for but really i thought they just got everything for x mas and my daughter had her 7 th b day 2 days after xmas so they were deffinetly alll set!!!!!

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    No my kids get weekly goals set for them. If they meet them then they get around 5 dollars, or a small toy if to young for money. The older ones can save there money or spend it. That way they learn to work for what they get, and when older to save if they want a big ticket item. It teaches responsibility and helps me with little odd and end jobs( feed the dog, pick up room, ect). I have even used this trick to help with toilet training. I use a daily reward chart, they get a star a day monday to friday. The star equals a dollar. On payday they get paid for the amount of stars they have.

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    It depends on his behaviour. Both my children have very server Behaviour Difficulties (ADHD ++++). If they do behave well, they need to be rewarded. But it isn't lollies they get. its usually a little cheap toy, or some stickers, a book or something. But I usually try and do my shopping late at night, when the boys are asleep and my partner can look after them to save any trouble.

    But with saying that, no, my children aren't spoilt brats. Although only 6 & 3, they know somewhat the value of money, and if we dont have it, too bad!

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    I always get my son something-He is my last child at home, and for the first time I am able to do this. He is not in any way, shape or form spoiled. He is quite content with a candy bar, soda, or a toy from the dollar store. He has his own money to spend if he wants something, but he earns that money by doing chores. He does know that I will spend a dollar or two when we are out shopping once or twice a week, and he enjoys spending that quality time with me as much as I do with him. I love spending a dollar here and there for all my kids and grandkids, and send them care packages as the gifts accumulate.

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    I don't always get her something... like if I go to the grocery store to pick up something small, I'm not worried about getting her a toy or anything (she's only 10 months old) But if I'm at the mall or target I always will buy her something... I don't think it's a bad thing, if I'm going to buy myself something and her dad is going to buy himself something, it's only fair to do the same for her. When she gets older, I'll have to cool it down a little so that she'll take her allowance and chores seriously. We don't have to worry about that for another four years or so though so it's all good.

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    My children know that we can not always afford something for them. They know not to even ask. They get money for their birthdays and grades and Christmas etc. They have learned that they save their money for something that they want. They have learned the value of a dollar. It is okay to buy them something every once in a while. My fave. place is the Dollar tree. You can let them all pic something and your not out a fortune. Its okay to let your children know that you cant afford it. Its a fact of life and there is no need to lie to them. They need to understand.

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    I think this is the kind of behavior that spoils children. They come to expect it and that's not good. Better to have occasional surprises and they will appreciate it more. I know we like to make our children happy, but there can be too much of a good thing. The next time you go out, don't get your child anything and see what happens. Better to give your child a gift of your time and attention.

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