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i joined the blood5 wa5 i wrong??? good advice = 10 points?

i joined the blood5 4 week5 ago and mo5t of ma friend5 that arent in the blood5 r yellin at me 5yain i wa5 dumb 4 joinin it i could of gotten out but i choo5e not 2 ima blood 5o wat??? y 5hould they ckare???? wa5 i wrong???

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    Doing what you believe is right for yourself is an admirable quality.

    It depends on how much you care about what your friends think. Ideally, we would like to believe we could do whatever we want and be whoever we want to be, and not need to care. But in reality, what our friends think of us is actually important if we care to keep them as a friend.

    You need to ask yourself whether being their friend is worth more than you joining or not.

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