Ive got two volume controls and two tone controls on my guitar, and the toggle switch. How do i use them?

I dont understand how to use them, any honest help will be appreciated.

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    Having two tone knobs and two volume knobs allows you to modigy your sound to suit what your'e playing.

    When you push the switch forward, you're only using the front pickup which will give you more bass tone. Use the volume to adjust that pickup's loudness as you prefer. If you turn your tone picup one way, you'll get lots of bass tone. Turn it the other way to get less bass tone.

    Pushing the switch all the way back uses only the rear pickup. That gives you more treble tone, which lead players like. (Bass, low tone; Treble, high tone.) Use the knobs as before. Forward gets you more bass tone on your rear pickup, back gets you lots of treble tone.

    There may be a middle position on your switch. Putting the switch in this position gets you sound from both pickups. You sound will be amixture of how you have both pickups set.

    Turn the switch to the back position and hit any open string. Now turn it to the front an dhit any open string. You should be able to hear the difference. Set it to the middle and listen to hos it sounds.

    Hope this helps you out. This also apply to bass guitar. :)

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    There are separate volume and tone controls for each pickup on your guitar. Use the neck (rhythm) pickup for strumming and smoother sounds. The bridge (lead) pickup has more treble. I usually keep both volume controls high, between 8-10. For tone, keep the neck tone knob at about 5 and the bridge tone knob at 10.

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    countless Hamer fashions supply this, and that i comprehend the ESP Kirk Hammett sort has this decision. even inspite of the shown fact that it is not a basic format. maximum twin quantity administration guitars have twin tone controls, i.e. Les Paul styled electronics.

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