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Sadam ! An unjust trial against humanity ! Shouldn't he have been tortured to death to release info. ! ?

I'm in the library & i'll try to type next hour with another computer.


The butcher of one world is the hero of the,

another world !

Sadam was an American hero & Informant.

He had so much info. of his connection to,

U.S. ,Russian, British ...Governments.

He was The one Who recieved so much,

Arms & chemical WMD from honorable,

U.S. Presidents to use to kill persians

(Kurds &Iranians&...) !

Sadam was in U.S. custody in Iraq & there-

for he couldn't be tortured to release info. !

His execution was just ; but without info. !

There were dominant mentors & leaders,

that were guiltier than him !

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    He was silenced so he could not talk. Hear any interviews with Noriega since his capture?

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    What woulf have been the point? All his records and personal files were captured and analyzed. What information could he have given? Perhaps details about his relationship with Rumsfeld back in Reagan's time?

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    I do not believe the US and/or the Iraqis had the right to kill Saddam Hussein. His death did not constitute restitution for the thousands of people he killed. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

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    Your sick. Your no better than him if you talk like that. I pity all who die and I pitied him. The way he died was unjust. It was video taped. Not to mention our lack of authority anyway. But dont get me wrong, he was a very evil man.

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    Torture is not the best way to get information.

    I am sure they did.

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    Should we torture you before we kill you to find out what kind of information you know about us.....

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    torture him u say?no is better has they hanged himto death.the man is EVILLLLLLLLLL,he sldnt see 2007.i love the wise decision that was made on him.POLITICALLY AND LAWFULLY THE JUDGEMENT WAS WOUNDAFUL.

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    I wish! but no... too much PC around for that now.

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