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Anyone know where can I find an owners manual for an AIWA stereo system model CX-NDS55U made in 2001?

I bought this used system for my grandmother and want to be able to give her the manual so she can feel confident that she can figure out all the buttons. I've looked on with no success. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After running a rigorous search, I found the manual you're looking for.

    Just make sure you have Adobe or are able to open .pdf files and go to that site above. When it loads, click the " english " link and the user's manual should pop up.

    The reason you couldnt find it under the stated model number, was because it was under anpther model number (NSX-DS55) whic apprently is the same thing as the model you have.

    I hope this helps

    Have a happy new year!

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  • Linda
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    4 years ago

    I used to have that car. It was truly an awesome ride, however, 2001 vw jetta model turned out to be a lemon car. I even had to end up ditching the thing. Try the dealership.

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