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Don't you think that some ,actually many of us, ask questions to get the answer what we want to get?

Isn't it a symbol of weakness?

If we do not get the answer that satisfies us, do we leave our independent& creative minds?

think again...

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    well certainly. The way we structure a question dictates the answer we expect to receive. The clues are prefixes like,"wouldn't you agree that.......", and, "does anyone else think....." (like your own prefix). But when you pose a question on a site like this you're hoping to address a diversity of individuals who represent a wide variety of cultures/attitudes. Does this reflect weakness?

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    It is true sometimes, and it doesn't only apply in this case.

    People often make a huge mistake by considering that whoever tells them what they wish to hear are their true friends :) especially when it comes to good things.

    I personally appreciate one's bad opinion, if they tell it to me for my own good. Come to think of it, I wish to hear both good things and bad things. :) Or maybe I just wish to see what people think or how honest they are, or whether they really care about me :))

    There are many reasons why a person would ask a question, even they don't know part of them, but the truth is that some people definitely don't like fooling themselves, so they don't expect a specific answer :) so I'll have to disagree with you :P

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    it's reassuring to get the "answer we want". it's nice to know that there are like minds out there, and to me it's not a sign of weakness: in real life many of us are more comfortable seeking out our own kinds. safety and surety!

    but it can be refreshing and eye-opening to see how the other half thinks. maybe there is something new to be learned. we thought we knew all the answers, but as you stated, think again...

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    Hard truths scare people, that's why so many straight-to the-point answers don't get picked by askers(In the pscyh sect.).

    But some people actually do want help and isn't that why we're here?

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    Of course we ask questions to get our own answers. Otherwise why would we ask. Think about it, the best answer chosen on here is always the one that the person has already imagined in their head.

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    yes i've been asking questions to get answers that would appease my aching soul..but still...i didn't imagine such answers and learned alot in the process...i just wanted some understanding. sometimes..."when things fall apart....."

    (chinua achebe) we look for another to help carry our burdens by advising how to deal with our quanderies and entertain us when in boredom.. didn't expect this answer did ya???

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    nope. we pick best answers for that.

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