Where is a good place to live if you work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard?

A group of us from Pearl Harbor are being transfered to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for 7 months or so. We're looking to rent apartments in Silverdale but read so many horrible reviews about several complexes. I also heard that Bremerton isn't much of a friendly place either. We're getting a good amount of per diem also.

Thanks for your help!!

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    There are a few options for you.

    First, I'm not a fan of Bremerton, but I'm sure that there are areas that are nicer than others. Chances are, however, that you'll be disappointed. I would reconsider Silverdale, though. I have a lot of friends in that area and they are very happy living there. It's close to restaurants, shopping, etc.

    Have you considered Paulsbo? It's a small town, so you would sacrifice some city luxuries, but it is very safe, on the water, and a popular tourist stop.

    Another option is Port Orchard, which like Bremerton, has some less than desireable areas (mainly the old downtown) but it has grown a lot and there are some nice places to live. My in-laws live in PO with a gorgeous view of the sound. Plus, you have access to most anything that you need within a few minutes.

    Good luck with your move... Washington is a beautiful area and I hope that you find a nice place to live.

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    Silverdale is nice and close but nicer than living in Bremerton. I've walked all around Bremerton at all hours and I never ran into any trouble. It does seem kinda boring around the base, but the ferry goes to Seattle many times a day.

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    I never had any problems when I stayed in Bremerton, but that was about 15 years ago. You might want to get your information from multiple sources and delineate the best place from common information, or phone ahead to the base and ask what they're recommending.

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    It depends on what you can tolerate. I'm 23 and should be living in an apt. with other young people, but I prefer to live in a town without wannabe thugs and crime. Edmonds is quiet, the cops are relatively easy going, but it is more expensive. And, Seattle is only 15min away.

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    Check out Paulsbo - they have very little crime. A lot of Norwegians live there and they are good cooks -

    you could get adopted and eat and drink really well.

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