What do you think will happen with global warming if we don't do anything?

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    We will continue on our present worldwide course of adding increasingly more CO2 to the atmosphere until the price of alternative energy, probably solar, drops low enough to overcome not only the low price of fossil fuels but the tax, legal, and business structures that have grown up around those fuels. These structures, not surprisingly, favor the large economic entities in the world today.

    Most new power capacity in the world will be coal-fired and efficiency measures will have to be justified against this year's bottom line .

    This will continue as the greenhouse gas load in the atmosphere accumulates momentum in changing the climate, the pH balance of the ocean, and sea level until some dramatic event brings it to the world's attention that the time for action is long overdue. That event might be every insurance company in the world declaring bankruptcy after two coast sweeping hurricanes in the U.S. and a major storm overtopping dikes in the Netherlands. It could be 100,000 dead in southern U.S. cities in a heat wave and blackout, or a million dead of thirst in China. We know that effects of that scale are going to happen, we just don't know which ones.

    At that point, we're going to find ourselves with worse problems to solve and less resources to solve them than we could have had. Stabilizing the situation will take a century and major effects will last for millennia.

    That is what I think will happen. What every planetary scientist who thinks about the problem WORRIES about, though, is that before we wake up we may have passed a trigger point . This might be permafrost methane release, failure of oceanic primary productivity due either to thermal layering or pH shift, or yet-unknown phenomena, but we know that the earth's environment is capable of being changed in ways that are considerably worse than what we can already foresee.

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    JOHNNIE B, you really don't have a clue about photosynthesis or plant physiology, do you?

    as far as what will happen, the different levels of the atmosphere will continue to do what they are doing. the upper levels , or stratosphere is cooling while the lower troposphere is warming.

    what we have is a good mix for very violent weather patterns. this is why people don't understand the idea of global warming, and you get the answers you do about it.

    anyway, when the stratosphere cools, it slows the Ozone layer's ability to recover from destruction. see the Ozone layer is continuously going through chemical reactions of UV light of breaking the O3 and it rebonding after releasing the energy.

    as the stratosphere cools it slows the reaction down, hence the growing of the ozone hole, which is still there, but has gotten slightly smaller after CFCs were banned for a majority of purposes.

    anyway, as the climate nearer the ground warms, it destroys organisms that aren't as hardy to climate change.

    these would include many amphibians, reptiles and the liek that keeps insect(like mosquitos note the increase is diseases spread by them)populations in balance, and fungi that primary producers depend on for survival. primary producers are plants, just in case you didn't know.

    as the fungal counterparts to palnts die, so to the plants themselves. see an ecosystem isn;t just dirt plant and animals living happily around each other, their is a huge system whereas all organsism depend on each other for survival.

    when the fungal associations of the plants die you have complete collapse of the ecosystem. this collapse cause invasive species to take over. this is equivelent to your immune system becoming compromised allowing an infection to become established, and you getting sick.

    but int the case of gloabl warming, when the situation reaches a climax, there is no antibiotic to administer to cure the problem.

    we either keep the Earth healthy, or all of us who remain here, reap the consequences.

    here is a good link to check out:


  • Bob
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    Agriculture all over the world will be disrupted as precipitation patterns change. In rich countries like ours we'll spend a lot of money rearranging things, building new irrigation systems etc. In poor countries there'll be bad food shortages.

    Coastal areas will flood, first due to storms, then al the time. Once again rich countries will spend a lot of money building new stuff to replace what is lost and relocating things. In many poor countries low lying coastal areas are a lot of their prime farmland. People will starve to death.

    We could prevent a lot of the worst effects, for less money than we'll have to spend dealing with it later. But that would cost the fossil fuel industry billions so they spend millions on a disinformation campaign to convince people that it's not real. Judging from this site, it's working, in spite of the fact that most all climate scientists say it's real, it's mostly not natural, it won't correct itself, and it's going to be a serious problem.

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    A lot of this is hype because the environmentalist think we are burning more than we should . They largest part of the green house gases is CO2 . They think it has increased 30% but it has not. Mother nature resolved the problem a few million years ago when she introduced green plants, The green plants take in CO2 and keep the C and give us back the O2 . So Mother nature has taken care of the CO2 gas problem and recycled our oxygen . This means there was never a problem with CO2 it is a lie , If the CO2 is a lie the global warming probably is also.

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    nature seeks a balance....temperatures will seesaw until humans no longer are affecting it and things get back to normal...Man might be living in caves again, but the Earth will fix itself eventually

  • j
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    Nature has an incredible way of dealing with its problems. If we do nothing, nature will eventually balance out and the climate will be warmer.

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    Earth will turn into a giant microwave oven filled with severe weather conditions. The cockroaches will rule once again! Welcome back cockroach overlords!

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    the earth will naturally cool down as it has the 1000 other times the earth has heated up.

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    You ever see the movie "The Core",thats what will happen

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    Global warming is a crock of poop!

    Fake, fake, fake!

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