Is san diego a nice place to live?

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    I have lived in San Diego for 45 years growing up right on the beach then moving inland as I got older.

    The weather in San Diego is perfect. That is, if you love sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. If you are looking for seasons don't come here. We do have an occasional rain storm and it might even rain for a couple days straight but that's about it for real weather.

    San Diego has an abundance of nice parks and recreation areas. The local mountains have many clean affordable camp grounds and hiking trails. The beaches are world class, although the parking can get tough. We are only minutes from Mexico and it's fun shopping and nice beaches. An hour away you have the desert which offers offroading, camping, rock hunting and hiking.

    We have Lego Land, Sea World, and our world renouned Zoo as well as the Wild Animal Park. Just north is Los Angeles with Knotts Berry Farm and Disney Land. Magic Mountain is also nearby.

    San Diego is an expensive place to live though. We pay dearly for the right to live here. There are jobs to be had but for those who don't have a nice list of skills you are talking minimum wage only. The rents here are very high. For a basic 2 br - 1 ba house with a garage you can easily pay $1600. They are less in the urban areas. A basic apt runs you just about $1000 and up. These prices are much more as you get nearer to the beach. Our gas and electric is high also and water and sewer are VERY high. For TV reception you'll need cable or satellite and that runs about $75 a month or more.

    The people here are pretty friendly and the crime isn't too bad. Our San Diego City Police are somewhat understaffed due to low pay but the rural areas covered by the Sheriffs are well covered.

    So, if you can afford it San Diego is a VERY nice place to live!

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    4 years ago

    You are pretty much asking for an area that doesn't exist in San Diego, TBH. I don't know of any areas in the county that even meet half of those criteria with a 2/2 for under $1300 a month. My suggestion is to visit San Diego and explore it before you commit to moving here. You say that California is so beautiful but you've never been here - there are some areas of SD that are not beautiful, just like every other city. It's a huge area and there is a lot of diversity. "Somewhere close to jobs" doesn't exist unless you know where you are going to work. You could end up with a job in Carlsbad and have an hour commute from somewhere else in the county. There are jobs everywhere. If you already have significant student loan debt and want to get advanced degrees, it might behoove you to consider an area with a lower cost of living. It's very expensive here and the colleges, even public, have tuitions to match. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I've seen so many people move here thinking it's paradise, and then have trouble making ends meet even in a good economy.

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    Wonderful place to live but this also depends on your income our your decision to have a roommate so you can afford the finer places. The closer to the water the better, call a real estate office and they will tell you that is rated the #1 place for many many years due to the fact that the weather is 75% year round. My mother-in-law who has since passed on had a GLOROUS SAFE condo. I do not remember the address as it has been a few years since I was there visiting from Hawaii which is also a

    Great place. Maui being many peoples island of choice. Waikiki in Oahu is cheaper with roundtrip tickets for 399 which u must purchase 30 days ahead of time. For this go online, Cheap tickets is good Waikiki is 2mi. by 3mi. and is like a small l.a. with water. However there are wonderful places that are not expensive like Kaimaki that is only 8 minutes from there. Hawaii Kai being the Beverly Hills of the island is 15 minutes from Kaimaki, Dog the bounty hunter lives on the other side of it in a gated community in a BEAUTIFUL home as he has been blessed through his work and religious beliefs which he uses 24/7 and stongly lives by. Another little fact, that is also where the series that the detective in the Red Corvette was filmed with the good looking actor whose name escapes me know. It was a very famous show for years. Well, I just got off the phone with afriend of mine who is a Genious and has more facts in her little finger then I have in my body...The series is Magnum P.I with Tom Selleck in the starring role.They always showed the beauty of Hawaii and the waterfalls in the show. Much luck and Aloha lisamarie Also, there is work everywhere and money to be made and apts as low as 450 a month. We lived in Maikiki for a while and the rent was 700 for a nicce 1 bdrm duplex with a nice backyard for my Rhodesain Ridgeback who still resides there with my old roommate. Best of luck in your choice.

    Source(s): Ginny Adams, weather reports on Cnn and having been there myself
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    I live in San Diego but I would rather live up in San Francisco.


    ~Average 72 temperature in costal areas. Although, it is colder at night and warming at day time if you live inland.

    ~300+ days of sunshine.

    ~Not too large or crowded; San Diego has about 1.5 million people.

    ~Close to Los Angeles, Orange County and Mexico

    ~Fairly low violent crime rate

    ~5th weathest city in the U.S.

    ~Good economy; especially communication and biotech

    ~Downtown is redeveloping, see


    ~When compared to the S.F. bay area or L.A. San Diego does not have many top rated restaurants; San Diego did not even have one restaurant on the top 40 U.S. restaurants in the U.S. rated by Gayot.

    ~San Diego lacks expensive shopping, the only high-end designer brand stores they have are Burberry, Gucci, Nemain and Saks; they do not even have a diesel.

    ~San Diego lacks culture, especially the art scene.

    ~The 7th most expensive city to live in the U.S.

    ~The city has failed to raise the minium wage from the state level of $6.25/hr.

    ~Beaches are polluted and people often get various forms of sickness from swimming in the water; many Asians have bad skin reactions to the water.


    Source(s): I live in San Diego.
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    It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with many tourist attractions. Also the weather is nice year round. I lived there for about a year. You can go to Los Angelos and Mexico from there which is not far. I would say definitely "yes"!

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    Very nice - very expensive. Although the East County suburbs (El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside) are less costly than the coastal areas.

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    No, move to Austin, TX! Happy New Year! It's awesome out here and a party town! Go UT Longhorns!

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    Yes, but it's expensive. Most nightlife all concentrated in ONE small overcrowded area: The Gaslamp. Great for outdoor and family activities.

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    Its the best place to live...lot's to do, beautiful weather and beaches.

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    1 decade ago

    They say it is like LA but without the tinsel

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