How would I market myself as a motivational public speaker to colleges, universities and the community?

I am currently working on my M.B.A., and I would like to leave my corporate position to pursue what I feel is my calling. Positively inspiring people with my story of hard times & sucess, or in short motivational speaking is my niche. I would like to start off working with community colleges. I do not have a clue as to how to market myself, what I should charge, what I should wear, how to receive sponsorship etc. I am not sure on what other things I should consider. I really need some ideas!!! :) Thank You!

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    How old are you and how well documented is your story?

    I think you should start out as a life coach to teens, gain about 7 years of credibility, then write a book.

    Not everybody gets the prize right away.

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    Why don't you google motivational speakers and invest some time and money with them to see how they got there.There are some sites that I am sure would guide you the right direction.

    Honestly, I think to be a motivational speaker you need to have accomplished very high expectations. You didn't include this in your question.

    In a college setting it really wouldn't make an impact to have an MBA as all full time professors have to have a higher degree than an MBA. Can you expand on what you can motivate people to do? Speaking from experience, I was in a fantastic corporate position working 60 hour weeks and traveling the world and just wanted to get out of there for a change of pace. But I know just wanting to dive into a motivational public speaker takes a lot of accomplishments. Please expand, is it in Sales, Marketing, etc?

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    I really appreciate your plans. People who do that kind of things have to have guts, you know. But anyway:

    the golden rule to market a motivational public speaker is to impress your clients with some motivational public speech.

    Easy? I don't think so.

    Make sure you know who exactly makes decisions on hiring these kind of specialists. Make sure this (or those) person (s) will be there when you come. Then - improvise.

    Impress them with some short show. Pretend you're a dog food seller or a trainer who's looking for a future boxer star - you can imagine any role you want.

    Make some motivational speech. Convince your listeners in whatever you gonna say. Make them believe in what you're talking about. Force them buy your dog's food or participate in a boxing contest right away.

    Then admit who you actually are.

    And they're yours.

    You can always step back to sending letters and all that crap.

    But you'll never be a success if you don't try to do something different.

    Good luck.

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    Not to put bricks in your balloon, but you are weeks and perhaps months away from being a motivational presenter. Your questions suggest that you have no training. To motivate another individual is to plant a practical idea in their minds that they can grab onto and use. If you can talk (and know how to use a spellchecker - for the word, "success"), your best bet is to take a small course on the subject. That's how you will be able to show instruct other people on what to wear and where to get practical knowledge. Good luck!


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    Many years ago my daughter asked me to attend a Women's Seminar with her. Ann Jillian, the TV actress, and her husband were going to tell about her breast cancer ordeal. I enjoyed the presentation they did, very upbeat and I resolved to have annual mammograns. But the other speaker that day changed my life. She was Patricia Fripp, an immagrant from England who went from lowley hairdresser to first woman president of the National Speakers Association. That day I bought her tapes and a video and to this day I replay the tapes at least once a year. I am retired now, but I still find applications for her advice in my everyday life. I would recommend you go on-line and read about her, learn her story and maybe buy some of her stuff. If you are truely called to be a motivational speaker, you will touch many lives. But you have to earn your place. Listen to a pro and then follow her advice.

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    To me, it is not extremely a controversy of which college gadget is greater complicated or greater handy. i began out at an extremely super state college and that i did no longer do o.k. with the aid of fact I wasn't mature adequate to handle self sufficient artwork and learn. i necessary a splash greater beneficial duty featuring the smaller class room placing to make certain that i replaced into protecting up with my artwork. i'm now engaged on my MBA, so junior college for sure does not have a adverse destiny result. community faculties have a lots smaller student to instructor ratio, which would be very useful to 3. in case you're making immediately A's on the community college you're attending, this is superb and you'd be proud. you would be an alluring candidate to any college you utilized to given which you have shown which you will take care of school coursework.

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    Start by joining Toastmasters if you haven't spoken before large crowds, or put together a speech that you will present for free to commuity colleges to get the experience and to have something to put on your bio.

    Buy books and tapes on the subject (there are tons) and keep your day job while getting gigs on the weekends. You won't make a lot of money right away and you still need to cover your expenses.

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    Very Interesting Subject.

    Groom and train your self through joining a crash programme in Mass Communication and work out some motivational module for Training a Trainees in Commercial Organisations, to enable you to polish your skills, while making some money for your self.

    Good Luck!!

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    Write a will give you credibility and a little celebrity.

    You could offer your services for free however offer packages of information for serious and interested information for people to buy.

    Governments have grants to assist you but the main thing is to write a personal direct response letter to the schools and offer your services.

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