Is there a program that allows you to record stuff comming out of the computer and save it?

I like to talk over games and stuff and our coversations a super funny . i would like to record one like put it on my mp3 player and show all my friends. now i dont want to have to hold a mic up to thhe speakers.( i already tried). So i want some software that will let me do that

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    If you mean sound coming through your card, I use Absolute MP3 Recorder.Its a free item That I have used a long while. It picks up ALL sound coming through your PC, so it would pick up the game sound as well as talk chat. I know there are ones that will record more specific things, like streaming audio or video from sites for free, and will not pick up the background sound.

    Absolute is great for recording archived radio stuff, like Ancient Broadcasts from Aus, or BBC of Dads Army or something like that I get :-)

    There are also many others like Absolute, just a matter of a search

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    I dont think so. but U can do this Video capture card it allows u 2 record tv, vcr, r dvd. If thats not what ur talkin about. this migth help. here it is picture this u have 3 vcr one u play a movie but have no sound from two the one u record on and the third one u play the sound from no video. How do u set it up. take one plug of ur rca plug it in the out video let the audio plug hang. Take the other end plug it in the video in let the audio hang also. Take the other rca plug thats coming from the vcr thats playing the sound only. put the the rca plug in the audio out let the video out plug hang. Plug the other end of the rca plug in the audio in.

  • why have your mates listen when with a VCR or DVD recorder or Hard drvive DVD recorder you could save both the gameplay and the conversations to the said disca and your mates could watch and listen.

    all you need is a good graphics card that outputs to TV such as an ATI radeon card. an nvidia geforce in my experiance can only output to black and white. ati out puts to colour.

    see also for freeware that will enable you to record the what you hear on your computer if you want to record the audio.

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