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can i get into boston college or st john with a gpa of 3?

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    There is quite a difference between those two schools. Boston College is one of the best Catholic Universities in the country -- while St John's -- let's just say "not so much." I'm not sure why so many people here are saying that it is a good schol. It isn't.

    The St John's in New York -- it isn't a particularly selective school. The average GPA is about 3.1 and the average SAT is only a little over 1000/1600. You can probably get in there -- and may be able to do better.

    Boston College is a stretch for you. It is one of the better universities in the country. The average SAT score is about 1350 and 80% of the admitted students are in the top 10% of their class.

    If you really want a Catholic University -- there are many that aren't quite as selective as Boston College but are a lot better than St John's.

    Georgetown, Notre Dame and BC are clearly at the top of the pile.

    Just below them, you have Villanova, Fordham, Holy Cross and Marquette.

    Then you have dozens of other decent Catholic universities like Dayton and Fairfield.

    Then, you have schools like St John's and Seton Hall that aren't particularly good.

    Princeton Review has a tool that will help you find the right school for you.


    Just in case you were talking about the other St John -- here is a comment on that.

    If you mean the St John's in Annapolis, Maryland (the Great books school) -- you have a shot if you have high SAT scores -- but it is much more selective.

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    Very unlikely--both are top institutions and have very stiff standards.

    But take heart! There is a way to get in--if you want it badly enough. I'll assume the worst possible case--that you've already graduated high shool and can't do anything about your GPA.

    Here's what you can do (and I was in the same boat--and did exactly what I'm suggesting to you). Find a good school that will accept you--even a community college, if there's a good one near you. Then GET SERIOUS about grades and extracurricular activities. Let your professors know what you are aiming for--and they will guide you if they see you are serious.

    The way this works is one of those "open secrets" nobody tells you. Here it is: a college--any college--looks mainly at the transcript from the LAST school you attended for any length of time--for you, 1-2 years. If Boston College sees a college GPA of 3.6-3.7, they won't care WHAAT your high school GPA is. But don't forget those extracurriculars--they count to--and need to be current with your college work.

    Like I said, I speak from experience--and I'm now a grad student at a university at the same level as Boston or St. Johns.

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    can i get into boston college or st john with a gpa of 3?

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    according to US News, Boston is listed as "most selective" and St. John's (NY) is listed as "selective." Did you go on their websites to see if they list minimum requirements?

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    Not unless your parents can build an addition to the library or sports complex or something.

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    No, they are both good schools.

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