What states are prohibited on buying alcohol on Sundays?

I know Georgia is because I live there, you can buy drinks if you go into a restaurant or bar and grill type place but all liquior stores are closed and you cannot buy alcohol from a convinent store, what others states are prohibited from buying alcohol on Sundays?

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    I live in Connecticut and you can't buy alcohol on Sundays here at all. You can get drinks in a restaurant, bar etc., but you can't purchase it and leave. Some restaurants will let you leave with your unfinished wine if you buy it by the bottle, but this is a relatively new law and is up to the disgression of the restaurant. We can go over the border into Massachusetts and buy alcohol after 12 noon, most of the liquor stores are open. Although they call them Package Stores in New England.

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    I've never heard of that rule. I have heard that alcohol is supposedly very hard to come by in Utah with the large Mormon population (my aunt lives there and insists that she has never once seen alcohol anywhere there).

    The grocery store where I work, you can buy alcohol 7 days a week but you can't buy it between the hours of 2 and 6am and that applies to every day of the week. The bars here are open 7 days a week. The liquor stores are closed on Sunday only because they are the gov't, which is always closed on Sunday regardless of the service offered. If they were private businesses, they would be open.

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    The original answer about no alcohol sales in Connecticut is no longer relevant. The law has changed- liquor sales are now allows on Sundays. Ironically, on a side note, the lobby fighting the Sunday sale of Booze were the liquor stores themselves! They wanted a day off, and many don't open, but there no longer exists a law preventing them from that. Maybe the last freedom left in the so-called "Constitution State".

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    You can't buy alcohol on Sundays in Maryland anywhere (except a bar or resturant). You can buy only beer and light stuff (like wine coolers) in the grocery stores and drug stores in VA. In DC I think you can buy alcohol on Sunday...but don't quote me on that.

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    Indiana, South Carolina

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    In Minnesota you can't buy alcohol of sunday at all. Only at bars you can buy drinks.

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    You can't buy alcohol in Michigan on Sundays between midnight and noon.

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    Colorado does not allow alcohol sales on Sundays.

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    Most of the Bible Nazi states don't allow Sunday liquor sales. That is a clear violation of the separation clause.

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    Its prohibited in Massachusetts on Sundays also. You can buy it in restaurants, thats it.

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